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In today's exercise, we're going to find out if you DRA or if you live in an ARE.

Depending on how much you transverse the Internet, those acronyms may or may not make sense. For some reason, possibly because typing is so hard, online communication has gone acronym wild. And your understanding of it may give us a glimpse into how much time you spend in front of a computer, what it says about you, and if you are 13.

So, I challenge you to take my not-patented IAKTFD (Internet Acronym Knowledge Test for Dummies) and KST (Kill Some Time).

1. BTW is:

A. Break Tremendous Wind.

B. By The Way.

C. Barry Tiberius White.

2. DILLIC is:

A. Do I Look Like Ichabod Crane?

B. Do I Look Like Ice Cube?

C. Do I Look Like I Care?

3. GGP is:

A. Go-Gos Pandemonium.

B. Gotta Go Pee.

C. Go Girl Power!

4. DWOL is:

A. Drunk While On Line.

B. Detroit Will Obviously Lose.

C. Do Without Lessons.

5. IMHO is:

A. Isaac Might Have Osteoporosis.

B. In My Humble Opinion.

C. I May Have Onions.

6. JK is:

A. John Kennedy.

B. Just Kidding.

C. Junky Kitchen.

7. LMBO is:

A. Lord, My Body Odor!

B. Laughing My Butt Off.

C. Let's Make Burritos, Ollie.


A. Regarding Our Terrible Filth, Lord, My Body Odor!

B. Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Butt Off (which I hurt my back doing).

C. Rupert Obliterated Those Fajitas - Let's Make Burritos, Ollie.

9. OMG is:

A. Oh My God!

B. Offer More Goulash!

C. One More German.

10. LOL is:

A. Lots of Love.

B. Laughing Out Loud.

C. Lindsay Overdose Lohan.

11. GMAB is:

A. Gee, My Arm's Bleeding.

B. Give Me A Break.

C. Go Mire Another Bris.

12. IYF is:

A. I Yearn For...

B. It's Your Fault.

C. Is You Fishing?

13. BWDIK is:

A. But What Do I Know?

B. Bob W. Dole Is Kookoo.

C. But Why Do Irishmen Knit?

14. AIR is:

A. My initials.

B. As I Recall/Remember.

C. Am I Repulsive?

15. And - your final - WTH is:

A. What The Heck?

B. Why The Hostility?

C. Where's The Hushpuppies?

Your answers are: 1. B.; 2. C.; 3. B.; 4. A.; 5. B.; 6. B.; 7. B.; 8. B.; 9. A.; 10. B.; 11. B.; 12. B.; 13. A.; 14. B. (although A. is also correct); 15. A.

So, give yourself a point for every correct answer.

What do the results of this quiz say about you? Well, if you scored between 13-15, you live in an ARE (Acronym Rich Environment) - probably your parent's basement. You may need to get out more.

If you scored between 7-12, you are AFC (Away From Computer) a good bit, but not FBI (Full Blown Idiot) when it comes to online lexicon.

If you scored below 6, you are definitely DRA (Don't Recognize Acronyms). Or perhaps you DNA (Did Not Answer).

How'd I do? I knew the answers and still missed some. GMAB. I'm a FBI.

Len Robbins is an award-winning columnist whose weekly column appears in 21 newspapers in Georgia. He is editor and publisher of The Clinch County News in Homerville.