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Chick-fil-A Covington player of the week: Noah Cook
noah cook

COVINGTON, Ga. - The Eastside Eagles continued their recent dominant run of play against the McDonough Warhawks with a 55-20 victory led by a commanding performance from the Eagles’ senior quarterback.

Noah Cook could not be stopped and quickly and effectively picked apart the Warhawks defense. With only five incompletions on the night, Cook seemed to be in the zone while also finding the end zone multiple times. 

Cook's final stat line was most impressive as he finished 20 for 25 with 367 passing yards and four touchdowns. Such a stellar performance made Cook most deserving of the player of the week honors.

According to stats kept by the Eagles, Cook's performance was not only a career-high for him but also a school record for passing yards in a single game. Cook was happy he had broken such a record, but instead of talking up his own play, he gave credit to his teammates for helping him earn this achievement.

"Our offensive line gave me plenty of time. I mean any time we tried to throw the ball, I had time," said Cook. "Our receivers also did a great job of getting open."

While Cook is most pleased with his honor, head coach Troy Hoff said it was nice to see all of Cook's hard work coming to fruition. What many outsiders may not see is the effort that Cook puts in day in and day out in practice to up his game, and for it to pay off with such an honor, Hoff was very happy for his senior quarterback.

"It was pretty cool because you get to see the end result. Whenever your guys have a big game, as coaches, we know what went into it to get to that point," Hoff said.

“With Noah, that's been a consistent part with his game in how he prepares, and on game day, he, obviously, made the throws."

Cook has had to get used to a few different pass catchers throughout the season, with multiple key receivers going down with injuries. Hoff is happy that Cook has started to gain a comfortability with these guys, who have stepped into these new starter roles. 

"It's like we said, we lost Colby as a leader, but also a ton of production, and he's a guy that made a lot of plays on Friday nights," said Hoff. "These guys have worked hard, getting Jeff back healthy is a huge part of that as well. Guys like Gio (Giovanni Macek IV), Dayton Green and Jaylen) Woods is really helping our offense."

With the Eagles offense hitting its groove over the past few weeks, they have put up impressive numbers in region play. In the Eagles last three games, they have outscored opponents 142-26. Getting the offense rolling before state playoffs is a welcome sight for the Eagles head coach, and Cook's leadership has really helped throughout the season.

"You want to play at a high level every week, but knowing where we came from and where we are and what's left in front of us, I think we are happy with where we are at," said Hoff. "We ask him (Cook) to do a lot of different things in our offense in the run game and the passing game. Having a guy that you know has been there, has been in the fire, won a ton of games, we know what type of competitor he is, and he is going to stand in there and give our team the best shot to win every night. The guys look to that."

This is the third straight week that an Eagles player has taken home the player of the week honors, and all three players have come on the offensive side of the ball. Hoff attributed the recent success to how the team has practiced over the past few weeks. 

With the Eagles offense getting hot right before playoffs begin, they look poised to make another deep run if they can continue to match their outstanding level of play.