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Special permit denied for TGS Kidz daycare
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IN BRIEF:  The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners unanimously denied a special use pmerit for the TGS Kidz, Inc. daycare on 2360 Old Covington Highway. The issued had been deferred from last month until after an investigation by Bright from the Start into complaints and after the deadline given by Bright from the Start for TGS Kidz to implement corrections. According to Planning and Development Director Marshall Walker, county staff had visited the site but found no one there at 8:30 a.m. and at 2:30 p.m. The daycare had corrected some items but reportedly had not provided CPR certification for the staff and directors to Bright from the Start, according to Walker.

Commission Chairman Richard Oden said, "We've given them opportunity to come forth and address this body on multiple multiple occasions." Commissioner JaNice Van Ness agreed, saying the county had gone above and beyond on the issue.

After the vote, employee Glenda Morton, daughter of TGS Kidz founder Sarah Morton, spoke during public comments. "I feel the vote that went through earlier was unfair. I've opened and closed the school every day since the summer... The 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. visit did not happen."

She continued, "We are in compliance with Bright From the Start. It's an overall compliance, not just one item... (During the inspection) They asked for the original CPR card, one card. They said that's OK. Try and make sure you keep it on location. I don't understand why it was denied. We're in compliance with Bright from the Start."

Walker said the county would notify Bright from the Start that the special use permit had been denied. The county typically gives 30 days for a business to move in a permit denial, he said.

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