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Rockdale deputies give family in need the gift of Christmas
Deputy Tiffany Castillo

One Rockdale deputy went more than the extra mile this holiday season, bringing the magic of Christmas to a family in need.

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Deputy Tiffany Castillo first encountered the family when she conducted a traffic stop. The stop, for minor equipment violation, was just before Christmas.

During the traffic stop, Castillo noticed two toddlers in the back seat that appeared sick. The mother told her she was taking them to the hospital. The driver of the vehicle had picked the family up after seeing them walking alongside the roadway. One of the children, a one-year-old, did not have a coat. After arranging transportation to the hospital, Deputy Castillo followed up with the mother.

The mother told Castillo she was struggling and did not have the money to pay her electricity bill. The family had been living house to house. She said she did not know how she was going to make Christmas happen for her children this year.

After hearing this, Deputy Castillo took it upon herself to sponsor the family and provide them with a Christmas.

Castillo, with the help of friends and family, was able to secure donations from Toys for Tots, Grant a Wish, as well as monetary donations. Sgt. Amanda Pilgrim with the RCSO also helped with soliciting donations from Salem High school, Fred's, and other businesses.

"Deputy Castillo went over and beyond of her call of duty to help this family out for Christmas" said Sheriff Eric J. Levett. "This story truly shows that law enforcement officers care about the community and citizens in which they work and live in. I am very proud to have deputies like Tiffany Castillo working for the RCSO."