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Retiring athletic director McBrayer to vie for BOE seat
Jim McBrayer

While Jim McBrayer has one phase of his life coming to an end, he is eagerly attempting to enter into another one.

McBrayer, who recently announced his retirement as Salem High school’s Athletic Director, is stepping down from over 39 years in public education.

After the almost four-decade long challenge, he enters another one announcing his running for Board of Education.

After a year and a half teaching in Richmond County, 16 years of education in Bibb County and 22 years in the Rockdale County, McBrayer will run for Jeff Dugan’s vacated seat.

"I have been considering it for a little while," McBrayer said. "I’ve taught American history, government, civics, current issues, and encouraged my kids to be active participants. I felt that it was a good idea to lead by example."

Being fresh out of teaching, and dealing with students and teachers directly, McBrayer will look to be a representative of those groups.

"I think sometimes teachers don’t have the representation they should have on the Board of Education," McBrayer said. "Sometimes they don’t know who to go to at the county office if they have concerns. Also with my background in athletics - I’ve been the AD at Salem - I feel like I’ve got a good understanding as to how high school athletic should be conducted."

McBrayer, who acknowledges that there will be a learning curve, but expects to be able to overcome that just like he did to become a teacher or athletic director.

"I’m not going to come in with all the answers, I promise you that," McBrayer said. "I do say I could give a different perspective on the way board members look at different issues.

I know it’s a tough time for people at the county office. Obviously when you’re faced with the economic crunch that we’ve faced, you have to have cutbacks and you have to make tough decisions, but hopefully we can turn the economy around."

McBrayer grew up in Macon where he raised three children until high school. The family then moved to Rockdale, where all three of his children graduated from Heritage.

His wife is a teacher at Salem High school, and is also retiring.

"When she made her decision, I felt it would be apropos for both of us to ride out in the sunset together," McBrayer said.

One of McBrayer’s sons, Jack, is currently starring on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock as Kenneth Parcell.

"Jack has done well," Jim said. "He’s worked hard to get where he is. He’s reaping some of the rewards of his talent and hard work. And we’re proud of him (We’re proud of all our children)."