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Razor fight fugitive arrested
Covington woman wanted for slicing Conyers woman in fight
Tracey Heard

 A Covington woman was arrested Tuesday in connection with a June 25 fight caught on video in which a 52-year-old Conyers woman was sliced on the face and abdomen and stabbed, according to Conyers Police Lt. Jackie Dunn.

Tracey Heard, 35, was arrested at a Covington residence by Covington police and her parole officers on the warrant for aggravated assault.

"She's admitted to the incident, basically stating that she'd been drinking and smoking and doesn't know why she did what she did," said Dunn.

Heard and the 52-year-old woman were not acquaintances, said Dunn.

"She felt like the other lady kept disrespecting her," he said.

The fight occurred about 8:30 p.m. on June 25 after a group of people gathered on a porch at 1078 Adcock Circle.

"At some point, the three suspects rode by and were invited to join the group on the porch, which they did," said Dunn.

Heard and the 52-year-old victim got into an argument.

According to Dunn, one person recorded what ensued on a camera phone.

"The video reflects the suspect standing over (the victim) as she's sitting on the couch on the porch," said Dunn. "You see her take a couple of swipes at (the victim)'s neck, at which point she tries to get up and flee."

Heard then reportedly got up and stabbed the victim with what appeared to be a razor.

Two other Covington women were previously arrested for being a party to the crime and helping Heard get away: Latoya Darty, 35, of Covington, who was arrested June 27, and Tanya de Bryan, 54, of Covington, who turned herself in on Tuesday, June 28.

Dunn said the person recording the incident thought it would not turn violent. "Mostly he thought it was going to be a cat fight," said Dunn.

The victim was reportedly stabbed and sliced six or seven times on the face, neck, and from the armpit to the waist. The victim was flown to an Atlanta trauma hospital. She is currently at home recovering, said Dunn.

 Dunn recalled the victim was known as something of a basketball talent in her youth. Coach and city councilman Cleveland Stroud said she had shown promise on the court at JP Carr Middle School and high school but had not had the grades to continue playing.