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Peeping Tom arrested at Wal-Mart for taking cell phone videos
Tysinger Simmons

A Conyers man was arrested after he was reportedly caught taking cell phone videos up females' skirts and of their backsides at the Conyers Wal-Mart on June 26.

Tysinger Markell Simmons, 41, reportedly admitted that he would come near the females, bend over like he was picking up something and direct his cell phone up their skirts, according to the police report.

A Conyers Police Department officer arrived on the scene after Wal-Mart's loss prevention officer called and reported that she observed Simmons taking pictures.

On reaching the scene, the officer asked Simmons if he could see his cell phone. The officer then asked Simmons if he was taking pictures of women and Simmons said he had not, and that he had only asked for a couple phone numbers.

While searching the phone, the officer found several videos of shots up females' skirts.

Simmons then admitted he had been recording the females because "he and his wife had not been having a good sex life and this was his way of getting pleasure," according to the report. He also admitted it was not his first time and that he usually came to Wal-Mart to video females.

Simmons said he wanted to get help to stop and would be open to counseling.

He was arrested and charged with Loitering or Prowling.