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Our thoughts: Local Shopping
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We realize that there are a few things that can't be bought here and that you certainly have an option to buy online or to go into metro Atlanta to purchase those goods.

We would like to remind you that almost every basic need that you have can be met here in your own community.

It's important that you try your best support our local merchants. Why? Because they hire your neighbors and they pay local taxes that not only support your local schools, but ensure that you have some of the best law enforcement provided anywhere.

You might think that you can save a few bucks on an item you want by driving to the Atlanta area.

We are sure that any money you think you might save by purchasing an item out of the area will be eaten up by the extra gas you will spend when you waste your valuable time waiting in highway parking lots, as the major thoroughfares in the metro areas are in a constant state of repair. You might also find that the items you see advertised are not quite what they are supposed to be.

There are some fine caring people who own local businesses here. They work hard, many are involved in church or civic activities and their existence is critical to the future growth of our community.

We would ask you that the next time you need something for yourself or your house or car, think and buy local. It's a practice that will pay off for all of us.