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Letter: On Atlanta teachers cheating
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Dear Editor: This morning while Opie and I were tending to our bees in the garden he asked me was it true that the leading clergy in Atlanta were asking the judge for lenience in the sentencing of the 11 Atlanta teachers caught red handed stealing promotion money and bonus. Let's not forget to mention the huge theft of the thousands of students futures lost to personal greed by these crooks masquerading as teachers.

I told him yes it was all true but there was so much more. Opie asked what possibly could be more than those losses.

I went on to explain he was looking at things "in the now " time frame not the future.

You see that school system is so corrupt and it is reinforced by the very leaders charged with the physical and spiritual well being of their community. Instead the follow the path that keeps them in power same as Election Day. Had it been white educators and wow Jessie Jackson would have rented a room at the Four Seasons for a whole month.

The final blow will come later when the lawyers learn that there is money in suing the school system for the gross violation by the APS and the hundreds of millions of $$ lost in wages by theses students in future income.

Well, as we say on the farm "the chickens will come home to roost" by the millions.

Don Meyer