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Laptop distribution begins at Salem High
Salem student Winston Russell displays his new laptop and carrying case with identification tag. Students created the ID tags with name on one side and the Salem motto on the other. - photo by Submitted Photo

Conyers - Salem High School and Rockdale Open Campus students are among the first to receive individual laptops this week as RCPS continues to roll out its one-to-one technology plan and Learning Reimagined. In total, more than 5,600 laptops will be distributed to students in grades 9-12 throughout the district.

RCPS began the technology initiative Learning Reimagined over two years ago with careful planning to include upgrades to infrastructure, professional learning for teachers, and digital citizenship training for teachers, parents, and students. Pre-K through 3rd grade classrooms received 3,760 iPads last school year to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Several specialty programs have piloted the project over the past two years with individual laptops to prepare the district for this large-scale distribution. In addition, approximately 2,500 laptops have been purchased for teachers as part of the technology plan.

"We are very excited that all of our students are receiving their laptops at this time," says Tonya Bloodworth, Principal of Salem High School. "We extend our gratitude to our system leaders for making a decision to step forward into the lives of our students using technology. We must provide our students with the technology skills and tools that will allow them to thrive in whichever path they choose after high school."
Heritage and Rockdale County high schools will also distribute laptops to students in the next couple of weeks. Students in grades 6-8 will receive their laptops during the next school year, followed by students in grades 4 and 5.

"Learning Reimagined and our one-to-one technology plan have been part of our system's strategic plan and our vision for the district for several years," says Superintendent Richard Autry. "We are proud to say that vision is now a reality and our students will benefit from the hard work, planning and resources which led us to this day. We are grateful for the community's support of E-SPLOST which has enabled us to be a leader in transforming teaching and learning in the classroom using technology."