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Business Spotlight: Dining at Don Tellos
Come on in: Tello Eliuterio, left and Billy Oakes, the owners of Don Tello’s warmly welcome guests to their restaurant. - photo by Amber Usmani

Don Tello’s which opened on Dogwood Drive back in October of last year, prides itself in great food and good service.

"I would say we’ve got a more authentic Mexican restaurant than anywhere around," said co-owner Billy Oakes, who has been in the local restaurant business for over 30 years. "We pride ourselves on our good service here." He and co-owner Tello Eluterio, "decided we had to do something different from everybody."

The biggest difference, said Oakes, is that the restaurant makes its own sauces and chips and cuts their own meats, which are never from frozen meat. "It’s a fresh product."

Eluterio and Oakes met several years ago, while Eluterio was managing other Mexican restaurants where Oakes and his wife would go to dine, and the two decided to go into business together. When their current building opened up about a year ago, they knew they had a good opportunity, despite the tough economy.

"I’m a firm believer in when everybody’s cutting back, I move forward," said Oakes. "The main thing is if you’ve got good service, good food, you’re going to make it," he said. Co-owner Tello Eluterio, who has been in the area for over 13 years and operated other Mexican restaurants, had eventually wanted to own and operate his own business and was finally realizing that dream. Being his own boss has been satisfying and hard, he said.

"Being your own boss, it’s still a lot of work," Oakes chimed in. "But it’s yours. That’s the biggest difference. Plus he’s got his name on it."

When asked about where they hope to take Don Tello’s, Eluterio said "Franchise; that’s the plan." Other locations are already being looked at and Oakes says their goal is to have five locations.

Don Tello’s offers live entertainment on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and is open Monday through Sunday. For more information call Don Tello’s at (770) 388-9971.