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Armed robbery suspects arrested
Discovered on traffic stop
Glispie Jeyland MUG
Jaylend Devone Glispie

Two suspects in connection with two armed robberies from Sunday have been arrested after a traffic stop uncovered one of the suspects.

Jaylend Devone Glispie, 21, of Conyers, and Kristen D'Atra Motley, 20, of Conyers, were taken into custody by members of the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations, Special Operations, and Task Force units on Wednesday night near Motley's home located at 1490 George Drive in Conyers. A routine traffic stop conducted by an officer with the Conyers Police Department helped lead investigators to their identities and their eventual arrests.

The first armed robbery occurred on Bay Leaf Drive around 7:45 pm on Sunday, Aug. 8. A female called and placed a delivery order for a pizza. When the delivery driver arrived at the location and approached the front door, a black male wearing dark clothing and a bandana over his face reportedly snuck over from the corner of the house and robbed the driver at gunpoint, taking approximately $20 in cash and the pizza. As the driver attempted to leave in his vehicle, the suspect fired one round from his gun, striking the vehicle before the driver was able to get away.

The second armed robbery occurred at around 10:15 pm on Sunday night. A female called for a taxi to pick her up at the apartments located on Iris Glen Drive. When the taxi arrived on location, a black male approached the taxi as the female was getting into the taxi. The black male, wearing dark clothing, was armed with a handgun and demanded money from the taxi driver as the female passenger opened the door for him. The driver gave the suspect approximately $90 in cash and the suspect took the driver's cell phone. Both the male and female suspect then exited the taxi and ran towards the woods located in the back of the apartment complex. As the driver of the taxi was driving away, the male suspect fired two shots at him, according to the victim.

On Monday, August 9, an officer with the Conyers Police Department conducted a routine traffic stop in the area of Flat Shoals Road and Hunting Creek Lane. When the vehicle pulled over, a black male passenger opened the passenger door and ran from the vehicle. The passenger was able to get away, but an identification card with Glispie's name, a handgun, dark clothing and a bandana were recovered inside the vehicle. The Conyers Police Department officer who conducted the traffic stop took out warrants on Glispie for Obstruction and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. The driver of the vehicle was released.

Investigators were able to connect Glispie to both robberies due to the recovered identification, clothing, bandana, and handgun. A link was later made between Glispie and Motley, and investigators suspected that both were hiding out at Motley's house located on George Drive. Active arrest warrants from the Conyers Police Department on Glispie led to both suspects being arrested on Wednesday night during a felony traffic stop conducted on George Drive as the suspects were leaving the house.

Both Glispie and Motley are currently in the Rockdale County Jail and face multiple charges including Armed Robbery. Additional charges are pending as investigators continue working on this case and other similar robberies.