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A cultural smorgasbord
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The DeKalb Farmer’s Market is seriously like a field trip every single time you go. You might question how this could be entertainment, but it’s fantastic entertainment! They have food and drinks from all over the world. Want a French wine that’s actually from France? How about some killer spices for mere cents (not exaggerating), or a weird fruit or vegetable you’ve never even heard of, much less tasted? They have all of that there, along with stinky cheese, which I very much enjoy. I make sure to try a different vegetable or wine every single time I go there, and when my son comes with me we make a total day of it and pick out the oddest thing we can find to try when we get home. It might not sound like much entertainment, but you can’t knock it till you try it. There are also other little local farmer’s markets that you can go to, but nothing beats the real deal!


 Price: Whatever you care to spend