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Good neighbors
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 One of my favorite British comedies is "Good Neighbors." The basic story line concerns a couple where the husband had resigned his job so they could live the "simple" life in a suburban area. He had no experience with livestock, gardening, etc., so you can imagine the situations. Their next door

neighbors were good friends but never quite understood the desire to live a simpler life.

 Every week the back to nature couple managed to make it through with their "good neighbors." As economic woes deepen, we are going to need "good neighbors," including the kind that plant their own gardens.

 We have several traditional sources of home gardening supplies in Covington, Patrick’s Feed & Seed, Tractor Supply Company and Mayfield Hardware. If you are thinking about making clothes as well, don’t miss the fabrics at Patrick’s. If you are thinking about more than a simple garden plot, then the Tractor Supply Company is your next stop. For home maintenance or repair, you will find whatever you need, along with advice on how to do the repairs at Mayfield’s.

 If you lack experience, visit the Newton County Extension Office at 1113 Usher Street, or call at (770) 784-2010.

 The extension service played a critical role in the "Great Depression." Established in 1914, it is a program that can help all of us through the "not so great" current depression.

 Patrick Durusau is a resident of Newton County. His columns regularly appear on Fridays.