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The News and the commissioners
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Dear Editor: I found your thoughts about the Liquor Ordinance vote quite interesting. While you declared that Mort Ewing’s vote was cast as a reflection of "his moral views on drinking of any kind," you concluded to that J.C. Henderson’s negative attributes formed the basis for his vote.

I find your remarks about Earnest Simmons to be particularly disturbing, however. While you decided that he had voted out of spite, you went on to declare that his district was "wise enough not to elect him back to office."

I, first of all, do not know why you would say such a thing and, secondly, am wondering upon what facts you base your statement. During his time in office Mr. Simmons has worked extremely hard for his district by, among other things, holding numerous information sessions, organizing a Job Resource Seminar, working to solve traffic problems, supporting the creation and construction of Denny Dobbs Park and working tirelessly to both get the new Porter Memorial Library built and opened. Why should those efforts cause his constituents to be "wise enough not to elect him back to office"?

While I support the idea of holding a public referendum on the matter of selling liquor by the drink in the county, there does seem to be at least some confusion about whether or not public hearings were supposed to have preceded the vote or, if approval had been given, follow it. Conjecturing motivations for negative votes does not, I think, assist in trying to clarify the matter or enhance the possibly of getting it re-considered in the most expeditious manner possible.