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Snapping Shoals
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Dear Editor: On July 11, I received a phone call with a pre-recorded message making untrue statements about the current directors of Snapping Shoals EMC, and about cost increases of $200 per year for Snapping Shoal member owners. Two days later, another call, a live caller with the same story. My caller ID showed this call originated in Cottonwood, Utah. After challenging the lady caller, she quickly ended the call.

I know these claims made by the three people challenging current board members - Anthony Norton, Walter Johnson, and Gene Morris, are untrue as I was an employee of Snapping Shoals EMC for 46 years before retiring in July of 2010.

These men are dedicated directors with primary goals of insuring Snapping Shoals EMC members owners receive the best service possible at the lowest possible costs.

They are men of high integrity and I hope that you, members owners of Snapping Shoals EMC, will cast your vote at the Snapping Shoals EMC annual meeting on July 26, as I plan to cast my vote for Anthony Norton, Walter Johnson and Gene Morris, to keep their seats on the Snapping Shoals Board. These men do care about Snapping Shoals EMC and its member owners.

Randall Meadows