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Proud to Present the Newton County Theme School
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To the editor: I have been an avid supporter of the Newton County Theme School even before it was a reality. I was interested in the grassroots murmurings about the possibility of a theme school in Newton County even before my child was school-aged.

My son started kindergarten in 2009, the year Fairview Theme School opened. We entered that year full of expectations and excitement. We were not disappointed. My son's first grade experience was just as impressive.

The parental involvement theme is what sets our school apart. When I say our school, I mean to include our entire family and our theme school community. My husband and I have been active in the PTO, and, like most parents at the theme school, we feel we are a part of the school. As parents, we have ownership and feel it is truly a community school.

This year, we have many new students coming to the Newton County Theme School from other public schools as well as many nearby private schools. I have seen the excitement in their eyes, and I have heard their positive comments. They are just experiencing the esprit de corps that has been a part of the theme school since day one...the day a few parents met in someone's living room and decided to bring change to our community.

Parents helped make this school a possibility, and parents must continue to promote our school within the community. One way I choose to do just that is to educate the public about Newton County Theme School. I talk to anyone and everyone about the great experiences my family has had at our school. I have cleared up many misconceptions about the theme school, and I am proud to inform my fellow citizens and Newton County taxpayers that we are doing something great at the Newton County Theme School. We are providing an excellent education to our students. We are setting an active example for our children. We are saying to the next generation, "We are your parents, and we are invested in your future and the future of our community."

So, the theme school has spent two years tucked away on Fairview Road with only some of us understanding just how great it is. This year, I am proud to expose my school to the greater community. I am proud to set my school smack dab in the middle of the city of Covington. I am proud that it sits nestled under the wing of the Board of Education, and I am proud to present...the Newton County Theme School.

Leigh Hays
Parent Newton County Theme School