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Pathetic voter turnout
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Dear Editor: To the voters of Newton County:

As a patriotic American, I was appalled to learn of the only 20 percent voter-turnout last week for the primary election. There are two means of voting to make it easier for the voter (other than the polls) — absentee ballots or early voting, and unless you were ill that day, you do not have an excuse.

The weather was very nice on July 20, other than being a little warm, so you did not have to dodge raindrops or "bullets" as some people do in other countries. "Apathy" just might be the downfall of this country, along with trying to leave God out of everything.

I heard some say, "Oh, this is just the primary — I’ll cast my vote at the general election." It is your responsibility to be a part of getting the right person to represent your party for the general election. I realize how expensive it is to carry out elections, but I wish counties were solvent enough to pay for repeat elections. In other words, 20 percent of voters should not put anyone in office. The ones who don’t vote are probably the ones who complain most.

Our brave young men and women are fighting now in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep this great nation free, and voting is one of the greatest privileges we have as Americans. It doesn’t cost us anything; the price has already been paid by that great group of our forefathers who wrote the Constitution and our military who have kept us free, and we don’t have to fear persecution.

The next time the polls will open is August 10 for the runoff, and then in November for the general election — so get out and let your voices be heard and counted — Vote.