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Obama's immigration case
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Dear Newton citizens,

Last night in his usual grandee style, President Obama and his teleprompter, made his case to give away OUR country (which is not his to give away) with Biblical Scripture quotes and playing on our heart strings. All in all, one sickening string of perfidious gallimaufries. Where in the name of Democracy are we heading?

The imperial decrees he sonorously quotes, of course violate his gotcha and wink-wink oath of office and trashes the concept of separation of powers long established in our Constitutional Government.

Obama and his disdain for our system should be frightening, as well as angering all Americans-but all he gets are sighs of acquiescence-particularly from Blacks who seem willing to support him down the line no matter the ruination he dishes on our country. Blacks, more than any group, should be condemning Obama’s Santa Claus plan on immigration. After all, they more than any segment will be hurt by this flood of relief to the millions of illegals who have stolen their way into OUR country. So much for the concept of national sovereignty. We all best wise up as Obama has made the legitimacy of our very democratic institutions come into question.

Obama led off with the claim that most Americans want immigration reform. On this count he may have actually been truthful. For me, I want it-I want it stopped cold-both legal and illegal. We need a moratorium until we see where we stand on the invasion and occupation of OUR country and what the economic and political impacts are and might be.

I can not begin to express my vision of what our country has become and its decline in every respect. It is impossible to paint my frustration and sadness at witnessing a man so unworthy of the position he holds, and who has done zero lifting for the country, so thoroughly shanghai and dictate critical policy without any thought to consequences.. Who could have ever envisioned this takeover.

In 1917, 100,000 dedicated communist took over Russia-then with a population of about 100 million souls. For almost a century this less than one-tenth of a percent of the people abused, slaughtered and terrorized the nation. Think it can’t happen here? Better think again!

Felton Hudson