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Dear Editor: I want to commend the Newton County Board of Commissioners for their decision to name the newest Newton County park for Denny Dobbs and for their role in naming a stretch of U.S. Highway 278 for Jack and Davis Morgan. The philosophy embraced was one of giving much deserved recognition to three Newton County citizens who devoted their lives to and gave so much to Newton County and its citizens. Furthermore, this is in keeping with a long-standing and well-established American tradition.

Obviously, I do not speak for all citizens, as there are those who somehow feel violated for public funds having been spend on something named for a person. I offer my condolences to those who have to contend daily with living in a nation, state, county, city or municipality named for a person and/or having to get water from a lake named for a person, or for having attended a school named for a person.

But, as always, to each his own.