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Marcinko not to be praised
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To the editor: Recently Ms. Morgan wrote a four-column article praising SEAL Team 6 founder Dick Marcinko. He had been invited to speak to a private Covington group.

She was eager to spread the word Mr. Marcinko had given to the group. He is a private citizen and would have information easily obtained on CNN.

Marcinko taught SEALs to be loud, obnoxious gun wavers. No one mattered but SEAL Team 6. Today's SEALs are trained to lie low, seek no glory and stay out of trouble.

The title to Ms. Morgan's article was, "Can we handle the truth." Truth is Dick Marcinko was a crook who left a black eye on the SEALs. He conspired with a civilian contractor to overcharge for explosives, picketing the money. He did spend time in prison.

I am feeling a little better not about being invited to his speech/book promotion.

Wayne Cason