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Letters to the editor: Thanks for the help
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Dear Editor: On Friday, Feb. 4, I was crossing Usher Street at Pace Street in the pedestrian lane with the pedestrian light and the red light in my favor, a car making a left turn from Pace to Usher hit me. Its right front fender hit my right hip and knocked me across the street. We would like to thank those who called the emergency people and took charge. Steve Horton, city manager and Kim Carter, Covington mayor, kept everything under control.

It was raining and lying on the pavement, I was getting soaked. A lady (I don't know her name) stopped, took a tarp from her pick-up and covered us so the EMTs could continue to take care of me, even in the inclement weather.

This letter is a "Thank you" to all those people who cared enough to assist and especially to this lady who cared enough. I hope this help will rub off on others. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Roger W. Sheridan
Mayor, Newborn