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Letter to the editor... The Golden Calf
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Dear Editor: I had lunch with a pastor friend of mine from Walton County whom I had not seen since we moved to Covington almost two-and-a-half years ago. He told me of a sermon he preached recently. The Bible story on which it was based is found in Exodus.
 Moses is on the mountain getting the 10 commandments from God while the people of God are melting jewelry to make a golden calf. The calf becomes their god and they worship it. When Moses returns, he is furious and grinds the calf to dust and dumps the dust in their drinking water.
 The analogy struck me like a bolt of lighting. Wealth is our golden calf. We, the world, value and worship wealth. Did God grind our wealth to dust? That, to me, is immaterial. Our wealth has become dust.
 The question now is will we turn from worshiping wealth and turn to him for direction or not learn anything from this disaster.

Bob Furnad
Chairman, FaithWorks