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Letter: Thank you for the support Newton County voters
Sen. Rick Jeffares

To the Editor:

I am grateful to the nearly 135,000 Georgians who gave me their votes in the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor.  I am especially grateful to Newton County where we won a plurality of the vote.  We placed a strong third statewide, narrowly missing second place and a spot in the runoff.

Two candidates remain in the Republican race for Lieutenant Governor.  The clear choice is David Shafer.  He and I served together in the State Senate.  He is an effective leader, solid conservative and man of integrity.  Unlike his runoff opponent, he has run an honorable campaign.

I am endorsing David Shafer for Lieutenant Governor.  I urge my supporters and all Georgians to join me in voting for him in the Republican primary runoff on Tuesday, July 24.

Rick Jeffares


Rick Jeffares represented Henry County in the State Senate and is a former Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor.