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LETTER: Reader wants more vaccine information from health department

Dear Editor:

The availability of vaccines to persons included in the Tier-1 group for COVID-19 is significantly limited for Newton County.  This program is being administered by the Newton County Health Department in Covington and all available appointments are taken for the next two weeks.  My family qualifies for the vaccine based on our age and following numerous phone calls to different governmental health department offices, we have determined there is no information to determine what county’s in Georgia have the vaccine available.  In addition, there is no stand-by program for qualified recipients to be called to get the vaccine when persons no-show their appointments.  It is possible for any citizen of Newton County that is in the Tier-1 group to visit any county in Georgia that has the vaccine available, but the problem is that this information is not available and no one knows how to get it.  Newton County Health Department needs to provide this information on their website as it would literally save the lives of our citizens.

Jay Munro