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LETTER: Reader says ‘Red Wave’ about to make landfall
Letters - OPINION

Dear Editor:

Democrats have always attributed their inability to make progress to the stonewalling of Republicans. For the last 14 months, Democrats have had control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate and still haven’t managed to fix a problem. The reason now you ask? Republicans. Last week, Chuck Schumer accused Republicans of complaining about inflation, but not offering any solutions.

Wait a minute, didn’t Democrats promise Americans they had solutions to America’s problems? Didn’t Joe promise he would fix our economy? Why do they need Republican ideas?

Simple. Democrats don’t have ideas–only empty rhetoric. Democrats promised unity and delivered more divisive policies. They promised equity, but the wealth gap has only increased. They promised inclusivity, but instead, once “essential” workers have been fired for claiming religious exemptions to vaccine mandates.

Last week, I saw this same narrative parroted in a letter to the editor. I was amazed by the writer’s ability to use “Joe Biden,” “aggressive,” and “bold” in the same article. This only illustrates the disconnect between progressives and reality.

Biden has continued his basement campaign into his presidency. Weeks go by without hearing from the president aside from a departing “C’mon man,” as he dismisses another reporter’s question and steps onto Marine One. Party leaders are terrified every time the president opens his mouth for fear of the gaffes that might ensue.

Joe Biden has done anything but lead in the rebuilding of the economy. I challenge any Democrat to name one thing (besides Democrat talking points) that has gotten cheaper during Biden’s presidency?

Republicans have solutions.

1. Open the economy.

2. Lift the unnecessary mandates.

3. End the discrimination and firing of employees who refuse to comply with baseless mandates.

4. Lift the restrictions on oil and gas production in the United States.

5. Stop indiscriminately injecting trillions of dollars into the economy.

6. Stop incentivizing people to stay home and not work with government stimulus checks and increased unemployment benefits.

7. Stop the flood of illegal immigrants through the southern border which is placing undue burdens on government resources and threatening American jobs.

Democrats like to claim they have taken “historic action” to repair the economy through government action–the government is what broke the economy. The economy was excellent before it was shut down. Democrats want to continue these destructive lockdowns. The success of states like Georgia during the pandemic has been despite Joe Biden; not because of him.

Republican governors have led in the rebuilding of the nation’s economy. Meanwhile, the only thing Democrat-led states are leading in is having the most people move out of their states.

Americans feel the effects of failed Democrat policies. We feel it at the pump. We feel it at the grocery store. We see it on the empty shelves. Democrats have proven they don’t have solutions. It’s time to let the grown-ups take over. I’d like to personally thank the 29 Democrat congressmen and women who have done the responsible thing by not seeking reelection.

The Red Wave is coming.

Brendan Cherry