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Letter from C.M. Brandenburg
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Dear editor,

The real problem with the 2050 Plan is not its items as much as the plan itself. Our suggestions, tweaks, etc. can be very useful to the planners later for claiming “public input,” you helped. But for now they are used for distraction from the plan itself.

It should be stopped now. And if, at the worst, it is completed (at a staggering cost) it must, it absolutely must ,come up for referendum, not just a carte blanc from the commissioners.

This plan presumes to anticipate 40 years (till 2050) and requires government control over our private property. They really claim to know our needs and what will happen for the net almost 40 years. Did they expect 9/11 or Katrina? Technology alone will be unimaginable in even 10 more years. Their political upheavals, out of control immigration, weather disturbances, nuclear and biological threats by a determined enemy will radically impact our future in unthinkable ways. Forty years, that’s two generations. The citizens of Newton County should handle its own immediate future, perhaps even acceptable parts of 2050, but not an outside “facilitator” promoting a United Nations plan for America’s property. We already see the tragic results of this in once-free areas of America.

We are a democratic, constitutional Republic with property rights according to the 5th Amendment and perhaps part of the 4th.

In those political systems where one is allowed to own property (sort of) the government has complete control over how it can be used. That system is called fascism. In my lifetime in WWII we fought against that tyranny and later helped Italy recover from the awful results of Fascism under Benito and Mussolini.

If you think this is too heavy, let me remind you everything starts somewhere.

Be on guard. Behind this is a widespread, well-funded and dangerous group who are well trained in manipulation and skillfull in methods to bring about the political, social and environmental “changes” they want.

Sadly it appears they have already begun the implementation; sort of under the radar of a non-vigilant citizenry. These meetings are simply for cover, the way totalitarian regimes always do. Devious and shameful.

C.M. Brandenburg, Covington