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Dear Editor: I just wanted to take a moment to express my outrage at your coverage of the Owenby family situation last week. I realize that once you call 911 that statements and facts that you share become "public record," but that does not mean that you should have embarrassed this poor young man (who obviously is having a mental crisis) with all of the details that you printed. This young man is not a celebrity, and has some rights to privacy. I was not sure if I was reading The Covington News or the National Enquirer?

And before you get on your high horse and start preaching about your duty to inform; if this same incident happened at The Covington News office but was the family member of Editor Jennifer T. Long, I doubt it would have been reported the same way, if reported at all.

And this should serve as warning to all Newton County citizens, as we all have someone in our family who is dealing with depression, alcohol/drug abuse, health issues, or private issues that you would rather not make public. If you call 911, you can bet the Covington News will air all your dirty laundry, so be careful. You owe that family an apology.

Seth Jackson