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Electing idiots
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Dear Editor: I would like to thank The Covington News for posting the letter that Commissioner Henderson sent to the DCA; however, I wish there was a way that we could require everyone who lives in this county to read it. The letter was sad and an embarrassment to him and this county. I would venture to say that my 4th grade son could have done a better job writing that letter. The citizens of Newton County and any other county in any state will continue to have unbalanced budgets and trivial problems that hinder real progress as long as people of Mr. Henderson's caliber are elected to run our communities.

Our County Commission controls a multi-million dollar budget; would you hire a manager without experience to run a multi-million dollar company that you owned stock in? Until the voting public wakes up and becomes aware and elects people based on their education and experience, we will continue to face issues associated with ignorance. The government can not and should not be the answer to every problem that we face; however, there is a segment of our society who feels that way, and unfortunately those are the voters who bring us officials like Mr. Henderson.

A wonderful Christmas present for the citizens of Newton County would be the headline "Henderson Resigns." I will not be waiting up on Christmas Eve for that to happen. Hopefully the citizens of his district can find someone capable of serving in that position and I would like to extend my condolences to the other commissioners for having to work on difficult issues our county faces with someone of Mr. Henderson's caliber sitting beside them. I have been watching the Covington City Council meetings on local cable, and there are some people there who are in over their heads as well. Mrs. Carter, please don't let them have access to any city of Covington letterhead.

To the voters I would say the days of electing someone because they seem like a nice person are gone. If you elect uneducated idiots, don't expect brilliant decisions.