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Dear Editor: On Monday, Jan. 25, what a parent hopes and prays to be a normal, regular, safe day at school turned out to be one of the scariest days of our family's life. Our son, James P. Norrington, a 17-year-old student at Newton High School, entered his third block class and stated to his teacher that he didn't feel good; the teacher told him to go to the clinic and see the nurse but before reaching the clinic James collapsed in the front office. This is where our life started to change.

James' heart stopped and he went into cardiac arrest. The nurse and the principals, along with the response team at Newton High started CPR on James, called 911 and then me, his mother. I called my brother-in-law Anthony Davis who lives not far from the school to go and be with James until I could get there. Thanks to him for getting there so quickly and being by James and my side through it all. The Newton EMS arrived shortly after being called and took over CPR on James. He had to be shocked seven times to get him out of cardiac arrest.

Captain Charles Scott Queen was determined to keep my son alive and for this we are so very gratefully thankful for he is truly our miracle child. Upon taking James to Newton Medical Center their staff stepped in and took over and also did a wonderful job on James. Dr. Samantha Weaver, along with her emergency crew, got James prepared for his emergency helicopter ride to Egleston Hospital; it was so windy that day I couldn't imagine how the pilots would make it safely.

Egleston's Cardiac ICU was waiting on James. Dr. Strieper, Dr. Johnson and staff nurse Jeremy was James' nurse upon arriving at Egleston. They also did a wonderful job taking care of our son. James spent exactly one week at Egleston Hospital. Five days in CICU and two days in a room and was released and sent home on Monday, Feb. 1. The doctors, nurses, EMS - they all stated how amazing and what a miracle it is for James to have gone through what he did and to have turned back so fast and in such great condition and that it had a lot to do with him being strong-minded, young and healthy. That is a lot of the reason he is still with us today.

He has to go through therapy and rehabilitation and as everyone else they also bragged on his improving and recovering so fast and good. So with all this said we want to take our time and thank not only the entire community but also the following people: Newton High School staff and coaches, the Newton nurse, Eastside High School, Indian Creek Middle School, Newton Emergency Service, Newton Sheriff's Department, Newton Recreation, Newton General Hospital, Dr. Weaver, Dr. Strieper, Dr. Johnson, Lifeflight helicopter pilots, Egleston Children's Hospital staff, Scottish Rite Rehab Therapy Center, Mr. Cynthia Scottish Rite Transportation, for all the prayers from ministers and churches, all the visits, fruit baskets and foods, cards, money, a very special thanks to our family who gives the true definition of the word - everyone was right by our side from the beginning and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.