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Come to Covington
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Dear Editor: A recent letter congratulated Congressman Jim Marshall for a recent visit to Covington where he met with local doctors and hospital administrators. They discussed the proposal for the government take over the health care system and the proposed giant expansion of the federal bureaucracy, in spite of its disgraceful record of running other agencies.

While the meeting may have been a rousing success for the very few invited, hand-picked guests, it points out the Democratic Congress' mode of operating now that their socialized medicine plan has become so unpopular. Jim Marshall slipped into town, allowed no prior publicity of his meeting and did not meet with ordinary constituents while here. He has held public town hall meetings in middle Georgia but has avoided this Republican leaning area at all costs.

Marshall says he is opposed to the bill as written but will not conduct a public meeting here in the third largest population area of his district. Why? Is it because he is waffling? Is it because he is playing to the cameras rather than being serious in his "opposition"? Is it because his pro-giant government leftist House of Representatives leadership only gives him so much leash before they yank it back?

Come to Covington Rep. Marshall; hold a public town hall meeting. Let your voters hear you in person; let us ask questions and let us form our opinions after listening to all sides. Slipping in and out of town and avoiding the people on the north end of your district is not what we expect of our U.S. Congressman.