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Candidate gets around
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Dear Editor: After reading the editorial that was in the Covington News last week regarding "A County Ignored," I felt it necessary to set the record straight regarding Austin Scott and his numerous appearances in Newton County. Each and every time that Austin Scott has been coming to Newton County for events, The Covington News has been made aware. So, to inform the readers of The Covington News, Austin Scott has been to Newton County on Feb. 2, July 26, (The Covington News attended); Aug. 23, Sept. 11, (Newton and Rockdale event); and then last week when the paper actually sent someone to cover the fundraiser. Just because The Covington News chooses to ignore something does not mean that the event did not actually happen. If The Covington News knows nothing about Austin Scott, it appears as though it is a personal problem. The opportunities have been there for The Covington News to familiarize themselves with the candidate and his platform.

Austin Scott has received a huge amount of volunteer support in Newton County. Todd Hilton is heading the group and they are blanketing the county with signs as well as door belling for Scott. The Scott volunteers are a hard working group of individuals who are trying to make a difference by supporting a candidate they feel would represent their best interests. They know about Austin Scott and his platform because they took the time to do so, something The Covington News failed to do. The campaign staff of Austin Scott is making appearances in the county on a regular basis. They have attended church services here and have talked him up around the shopping areas. One of Austin Scott’s campaign staffers grew up in Newton County, was educated in Newton County, and resides in Newton County.

It appears as though The Covington News should actually pay attention to political candidates, reach out to them, attend their events, and get to know them before they accuse them of not paying attention to Newton County. And, for the record, your letter was terribly untrue when you indicated that "any votes he gets from our county aren’t going to elect or not elect him." Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the fact that Newton County is the third highest voting county in the Eighth District. An election can be won or lost in Newton County; therefore, it is a very important part of the election puzzle. It is terribly disingenuous to imply that it’s not.