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Editor's note: Elections results will be updated throughout the night. Continue to refresh this page for the most up to date numbers.

Statewide Results

Percent reporting: 99%


Brian Kemp (R): 50.42%

Stacey Abrams (D): 48.64%

Ted Metz (L): 0.94%

County Contests

County Commissioner, District 4

District 4 Precincts Reporting: 100%

Spencer Arnhart (R): 27.13%

J.C. Henderson (i) (D): 72.87%

Newton County Results

Precincts Reporting: 22/22


Brian Kemp (R): 45.09%

Stacey Abrams (D): 54.27%

Ted Metz (L): 0.65%

Lieutenant Governor

Geoff Duncan (R): 46.01%

Sarah Riggs Amico (D): 53.99%

Secretary of State

Brad Raffensperger (R): 44.43%

John Barrow (D): 53.85%

Smythe Duval (L): 1.72%

Attorney General

Chris Carr (i) (R): 45.42%

Charlie Bailey (D): 54.58%

Commissioner of Agriculture

Gary Black (i) (R): 45.42%

Fred Swann (D): 54.58%

Commissioner of Insurance

Jim Beck (R): 44.85%

Janice Laws (D): 53.02%

Donnie Foster (L): 2.13%

State School Superintendent

Richard Woods (i) (R): 46.66%

Otha E. Thornton, Jr. (D): 53.34%

Commissioner of Labor 

Mark Butler (i) (R): 46.48%

Richard Keatley (D): 53.52%

Public Service Commissioner, District 3

Chuck Eaton (i) (R): 44.12%

Lindy Miller (D): 53.75%

Ryan Graham (L): 2.13%