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Oxford accepts record number applicants
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Oxford College has accepted more than 2,500 students from a record number of applicants for its 2012 entering class.

In total, more than 6,400 potential students applied - the largest in the college's history. According to the college, the number of applications was up 50 percent from last year's application pool.

Oxford Dean Stephen Bowen said the college's growth in recent years is due to the better understanding about Oxford as a college.

"It is a challenge to help the general college-going public to understand Oxford College because it is genuinely unique. There are no other institution like it in the country," said Bowen. "But, once they do come to understand the college, they find it very attractive. We have gotten better at explaining Oxford College and that is probably the greatest factor in its growing popularity."

Oxford initiated an early-decision process for the first time this year, notifying students of their acceptance in December and January.

Of those students accepted, 60 percent were female and 44 percent are from the Southeast.
Bowen said more than 1,000 students applied in 2006, while nearly 4,000 applied in 2009.
The college expects to enroll about 480 students for the class of 2012. Total enrollment at Oxford College is 930 students. Bowen said enrollment will stabilize around 900 students.

While the college does not plan to increase enrollment, Bowen said the college plans to invest in the college's development.

"Nine hundred is about the right number of Oxford College," said Bowen.

Oxford is striving to increase its fundraising efforts and pursue more projects including a new science building, an addition to the library and several renovations to existing buildings over the next few years, according to Bowen.

Students attend Oxford College for two years before transferring to Emory University in Atlanta.