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Live Oak students take a Friendship Adventure with Ronald McDonald and say NO to bullying
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The school counseling program at Live Oak Elementary is doing big things toaddress bullying and friendship skills this month. On September 11, the school’s counselors, Shainita Heath and Pamela Manigault, invited a special guest to talk to students about bullying and friendship. Who was that guest? Well, it was Ronald McDonald, of course! Ronald McDonald took the students on “A Friendship Adventure.”  "A Friendship Adventure" is a comprehensive program that focuses onfriendship, cooperation, individual responsibility, anti-bullying, and active play forthe mind and body. This was a culminating event to reinforce what the counselors have been teaching the students in their classroom guidance sessions.  Kindergarten, first and second grades focused on friendship and theimportance of making and keeping good friends. They also discussed qualities and characteristics of a good friend. The third, fourth and fifth graders have hadintensive training on how to recognize the four main types of bullying which include physical, verbal, interactive, and cyber bullying and how to combat bullying. The Live Oak Lions have also taken an oath to combat bullying and were presented with the “No Place for Hate” pledge from the Georgia Department of Education Web site.