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Cousins and Indian Creek Middle schools make AYP after CRCT retests
Cousins removed from Needs Improvement list
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According to information just released by the Georgia Department of Education (GDOE), after

tabulating CRCT (Criterion Referenced Competency Tests) retest scores, Cousins and Indian

Creek middle schools have made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for the 2009-2010 school year.


"Students, faculty, and administration at CMS and ICMS are to be congratulated,” said Newton

County School Superintendent Gary Mathews. “The federal AYP is challenging in that it requires

progress for all groups of learners including the economically disadvantaged and special needs.

The objective is to teach all kids well as it should be."


AYP designation is a reflection of the individual schools’ performance in several criteria:

percentage of students taking the test; the percentage of students meeting standards in

reading/language arts and mathematics; and for elementary and middle school students, the

percentage of student absenteeism. Performance in several subgroups, including students with

disabilities, the economic status of families, race ethnicity, and limited English proficiency, is also



A school that does not meet the criteria in any one of the three areas (test participation,

academic achievement, and attendance/graduation) for any subgroup is classified as not

meeting AYP. Should any of the subgroups fail to meet the standards, the school is also classified

as not meeting AYP—even if the school as a whole meets the criteria.


After calculating the scores from the original spring 2010 testing period, this is what occurred in

the AYP classification of Cousins and Indian Creek. Cousins did not make AYP because the

students with disabilities subgroup did not meet standards in math and English language arts.

Indian Creek did not make AYP this year because the students with disabilities subgroup did not

meet performance standards in math.


As a result, students who failed the math and/or reading language arts portions of the CRCT

were offered the opportunity to retest in May. Scores from these tests were then calculated by

the state and included in the GDOE’s final AYP report. With the retest scores included, both

schools have now made AYP for the 2009-2010 school year. In addition, Cousins Middle School is

now removed from the Needs Improvement List.


Obviously, we are excited to know that our school has achieved Adequately Yearly Progress as

required under the current law,” said Scott Sauls, principal of Cousins Middle School. “It is

certainly a tribute to the performance of our students but also verifies the hard work that our

staff puts forth daily to provide a quality education for all students. Thanks are also offered to

our parents who continue to support us and believe in what we are doing here for their

children. Hopefully, this announcement will motivate our students to continue to work hard to

achieve AYP for this coming year. Again, congratulations to our students and staff for a job well



This is a proud moment for Indian Creek Middle School,” added Dr. Renee Mallard, principal of

Indian Creek Middle School. “We are working hard to move out of Needs Improvement status

and this announcement validates and celebrates everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Achieving this would not have been possible without the concerted and collaborative efforts of

our teachers, staff, and students. I am fortunate to be part of this team.”


Links to the system and school AYP reports are available on the Newton County School System

website at the following page: