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Woman charged with falsely reporting assault outside Covington Walmart
19-year-old jailed after recanting her claim to sheriff's deputies about man stabbing her in leg

COVINGTON, Ga. — A 19-year-old woman was arrested for filing a false report after admitting an incident she told sheriff's deputies about a man stabbing her in the leg outside a Newton County Walmart April 1 "did not occur."

Angel Lynn King of Covington was arrested and charged with False Report of a Crime Thursday, April 8, after she told Newton County sheriff's deputies she was stabbed by a man outside Walmart at 4200 Salem Road on April 1.

A report stated a person who lived at the same address as King called in the incident.

A deputy then met with King and "first aid was provided to the victim" for the "minor injury," the report stated.

She told the deputy she walked out of Walmart to her Ford F-150 truck parked near the supermarket end of the store near a wooded area and began unloading groceries into her truck about 5 p.m.

As she loaded the truck from the driver's side, she said she "saw a male standing behind her."

"The victim stated the male was asking where her boyfriend was and where he lived. The victim stated she didn't know."

She said the man said he "knew where she lived" and "stated her boyfriend owed them." He then pulled a knife out with his right hand and stabbed her right thigh, she told the deputy.

"The victim stated the male then ran away towards the rear of Walmart" and "another male was standing down in that area and both men entered a blue Ford SUV and drove around the back of Walmart."

EMS then arrived on the scene and treated the victim before an investigator arrived, the deputy reported.

Following the incident, sheriff's investigators reviewed footage from the store's surveillance camera which did not show anyone moving to or from her vehicle at the time of the incident, spokesperson Caitlin Jett said.

"Angel King did make contact with investigators later on to inform them that the reported incident did not occur," Jett said.

No other information about the incident was given.

King was arrested Thursday and booked into the Newton County Jail.