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Wanted man charged with terroristic threats towards CPD officer
Brian Nichols
Brian Nichols - photo by Submitted Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. - An Oxford man racked up additional charges on his ride to the Newton County Jail after officers with the Covington Police Department placed him under arrest for an outstanding warrant in Walton County Sept. 18. 

Upon arrest, Brian Nichols became angered and started yelling at the officers, according to the incident report. He was placed in the backseat of Officer Rory Barber's patrol car to be transported to the Newton County Jail.

During transportation, Nichols "became more and more boisterous," according to the report. 

Nichols began uttering terroristic threats to Barber, such as: "I'll see you out, when I get out. Facts! without that badge and gun" ... "I'll tell you something, you'll be out. I'll be out at some point. They can't hold me forever. Everyone has a release date." and "I wish one of you would of drew up on me, we be fighting."

Nichols uttered more threats to Barber as he exited the patrol car at the jail, "Y'all don't scare me, boy."

Nichols was escorted inside jail by three CPD Officers - Barber, David Stewart and Michael Wyatt. 

"Nichols became non-compliant to commands when placed into the holding cell," the report stated. "While Officer Stewart was attempting to take off his handcuffs, Nichols refused commands to place his free hand on his head."

Barber assisted Stewart with removing the handcuffs, and while doing so, Stewart's handcuff key fell onto the cell floor. Nichols picked the key up and walked to the opposite end of the cell, according to the report.

Nichols ignored commands to drop the key and became combative, according to the report. He was restrained by the officers, and the key was eventually returned.

Nichols was charged with terroristic threats and obstruction of an officer.