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Suspicious behavior leads to two arrests in Covington

Suspicious behavior and observant police work led to the arrest of two men in Covington early Monday. It also possibly prevented a crime.

According to his report, shortly after midnight on Jan 23, Covington Police Department (CPD) Officer Matt Holbrook was patrolling on Elm Street in the area of the Ace Hardware when he observed a car containing two males driving slowly back and forth on Pace Street. After observing the vehicle drive through the parking lot of a closed shopping center and pull back out, Hollbrook followed the vehicle as it made a right turn from Pace Street onto Highway 278 and pulled the vehicle over.

After making contact with the driver, who reportedly identified himself as Andre’ Allen, Holbrook checked the driver’s license, which came back suspended. Allen was placed under arrest. Officer Travis Pierce questioned the passenger in the vehicle who, according to the report, provided a name that did not come back when checked.  After being asked to step out of the vehicle, the passenger, later identified as Cedrick Spears, was searched. According to the report, he had a large rock in his pocket and a handgun in the waist of his pants. Spears was also placed under arrest.

According to the report, when officers inventoried the vehicle, they found a pill bottle with pills identified as a schedule IV controlled substance. They also found a green and black bandana, black gloves and a black sock hat. In the trunk they found a large concrete block and a backpack with a large rock in it.

The driver, Christopher Andre’ Allen, was taken to jail on charges including loitering and prowling,  possession of tools to commit a crime and possession of a schedule IV substance. The passenger, Cedrick Spears, was also taken to jail on those charges.  In addition, Spears was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and giving false information.