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Newton High students charged after midday fight
Newton County Sheriff's Office

COVINGTON, Ga. – Three Newton High School students were arrested last Monday after deputies had to threaten to use pepper spray to break up a fight at the school.

According to a Newton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Deputy Andre Lawrence was in the commons area of the school just after noon May 7 when he observed a large crowd moving toward a commons area boy’s restroom and walked in the same direction.

When he arrived at the location, he found two males and one female fighting. After ordering the trio three times to stop without success, Lawrence reportedly threatened to use pepper spray.  The fight was eventually broken up by Lawrence, Deputy Michael Gregg and an assistant principal.

According to the report, as Lawrence was escorting one of the males to his office, he smelled the odor of marijuana. When they reached the office, the student was searched after his arrest and marijuana was found in a fanny pack.

Two of the three students were charged with disorderly conduct. The third was charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce in addition to the disorderly conduct charge.