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Newton County Jail Log - Oct. 28
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Demario Sanchez Horton, 21, 10230 South Dinah Circle, Covington, Oct. 23. Court sentenced.
Carl Eugene Hunt, 42, Jonesboro, Oct. 19. Probation violation.
Cornelius Lindsey, 63, 2116 Hendrix St., Covington, Oct. 23. Probation violation.
James Richard Maness, 44, 4132 Robinson St., Covington, Oct. 22. Probation violation, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense.
Davis Brian Minor, 39, Conyers. Oct. 22. Probation violation.
Calvin Moreland Jr., 53, Atlanta, Oct. 23. Superior court bench warrant.
Henry George Moton, 53, 1110 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, Oct. 23. Criminal trespass.
Elisa Nichols, 17, 35 Amanda Way, Covington, Oct. 21. Identity theft fraud, theft by taking.
Garry Martaze Norwood, 49, Ellenwood, Oct. 19. Two counts child support default.
Robert Alexander Pace, 48, 5177 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Oct. 23. Family Violence Act simple battery.
Jeffrey Scott Partain, 28, 7 Birch St., Covington, Oct. 23. Two counts giving false name or address to law enforcement officer.
Kevin Michael Partain, 22, 1934 Ga. Highway 81, Covington, Oct. 22. Two counts contempt of court.
Michael James Paul, 17, 114 Oxford Court, Oxford, Oct. 18. Criminal trespass, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Clyde Joseph Priest, 55, Mableton, Oct. 19. Court sentenced.
Daniel Howard Reid, 35, 124 Helen Road, Covington, Oct. 18. Probation violation.
Steven Michael Robinson, 30, 625 Lake Road, Covington, Oct. 22. Child support default.
Joshua Darryn Scott, 27, 10921 Ga. Highway 36 Alcovy Lot, Covington, Oct. 18. Probation violation, possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine).
Curtis James Smith, 17, 276 Johnson Road, Oxford, Oct. 18. Criminal trespass.
Ricky Lewis Smith Jr., 19, 150 Spring Valley Trace, Covington, Oct. 22. Probation violation.
Robert Lee Sparks, 74, 323 Bonnel St., Oxford, Oct. 19. Theft by deception.
Darrell Lee Stanley Jr., 25, 10125 Blackwell St., Covington, Oct. 23. Possession of marijuana/felony with intent to distribute, child support default.
Kayla Virginia Stanley, 21, 9115 Morris Drive, Covington, Oct. 23. Possession of marijuana/felony with intent to distribute.
Amber Deanne Strickland, 22, Monticello, Oct. 19. Probation violation.
Jessie Waylon Taylor, 25, Helen, Oct. 17. Probation violation.
Kelsie Cortez Thomas, 21, 850 Oak St., Covington, Oct. 23. Probation violation.
Jeremiah Vernon Tilson, 28, 12174 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Oct. 19. Hold for probation.
Melissa Ann Tobarsalas, 35, 7169 Laster St., Covington, Oct. 18. Probation violation.
Ronald Quentin Turner, 29, Snellville, Oct. 23. Court sentenced.
Darrell Desean Walker, 23, Atlanta, Oct. 19. Contempt of court.
Christopher D. Walton, 50, Larose, La., Oct. 20. Probation violation, superior court bench warrant.
James William Wilbanks, 33, 170 Valley Road, Covington, Oct. 18. Contempt of court, probation violation.
Narkiki Fleceone Williams, 33, 261 Edwards way, Newborn, Oct. 19. Probation violation.
D'Andre Trecell Wilson-Epps, 22, 6118 Ruth St., Covington, Oct. 17. Probation violation.
Coadie James Wright Jr., 25, Conyers, Oct. 22. Loitering or prowling, theft by receiving stolen property.
Jason Dean Wuerdeman, 24, 245 Riverbrooke Terrace, Covington, Oct. 21. Two counts probation violation.
Kiana Fiona Alphonse, 18, 55 Green Gables Drive, Covington, Oct. 21. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, wrong class of, speeding.
Melissa Shea Banks, 40, 65 Heritage Way, Covington, Oct. 19. DUI alcohol, two counts child endangerment while DUI.
William O'Neal Barr, 29, 3111 Alexander St., Covington, Oct. 17. Disorderly conduct.
Christopher Charles Bell, 52, 10307 Waterford Road, Covington, Oct. 18. Public drunkenness.
Quincy Amos Bogan, 33, Macon, Oct. 19. Hold for other agency.
Candice Leigh Bohanan, 21, 80 Sara Drive, Covington, Oct. 20. DUI, following too closely.
Adrian Ricardo Brooks, 34, 9142 Puckett St., Covington, Oct. 23. Criminal trespass, fleeing or attempting to elude, driving while license suspended, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, stop signs and yield signs.
Ryan Edward Byrne, 19, 75 Allen Oaks Way, Covington, Oct. 17. Theft by shoplifting.
William Thomas Cartledge Jr., 47, 170 Danielle Drive, Oxford, Oct. 17. Contempt of court.
Linda Sheree Catlett, 22, 2161 Hendricks Drive, Covington, Oct. 18. Stalking.
Ian Gerald Chapman, 19, Conyers. Oct. 17. Two counts contempt of court.
Antonio Ricardo Cole, 38, 35 Diane Trail, Covington, Oct. 23. DUI drugs, improper lane usage, open container.
Robert Lewis Cost III, 22, 103 Long St., Oxford, Oct. 22. Court sentenced.
Delia Chestine Cox, 36, 8243 Lakeview Drive, Covington, Oct. 19. Sentenced to 48 hours.
Angelo Dlarenta Cunningham, 29, 35 Sagebrush Trail, Covington, Oct. 17. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no seat belts.
Robert Lee Darity, 37, 12787 Alcovy Road, Covington, Oct. 19. Probation violation.