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Newton County Jail Log -Oct 13
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Fordyce Benjamin Townes, 25, 65 Woodcrest Drive, Covington, Sept. 30. Court sentenced.

Kenneth Allen Turner, 44, 7151 Lakeview Drive, Covington, Oct. 2. Child support default.

Carlos Anaya Valencia, 31, 8132 Lakeview Drive, Covington, Sept. 29. Probation violation, failure to appear.

Torrance Ronricus Weaver, 31, 75 Victoria Blvd., Oxford, Oct. 4. Probation violation.

o   Edward Lee Williams, 41, Monticello, Oct. 5. Contempt of court.

Barry Autry, 44, 5182 West St., Covington, Sept. 30. Theft by deception, driving while license suspended.

Gabriel Fadian Avril, 32, Conyers, Sept. 30. Court sentenced.

Gary Gene Banks Jr., 32, 2 Hazel St., Porterdale, Sept. 30. Public drunk.

Kimberly Michelle Banks, 27, Conyers, Sept. 30. Public drunk.

Carl Donnell Boyd Jr., 19, Aiken, S.C., Sept. 29. Possession with intent to distribute, possession of arms by convicted felon, possession of firearm or knife, unlawful possession of firearm.

William Kenneth Bradford, 19, Social Circle, Oct. 3. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Johnny Caldwell Bragg, 54, Panama City Beach, Fla., Sept. 29. Contempt of court.

Shannon Adrian Bridges, 21, 431 Kirkland Road, Covington, Oct. 2. To serve 37.5 hours.

Anthony Jerome Brown, 45, 3126 Bohannon St., Covington, Oct. 1. Sale of alcoholic beverage, sale of alcohol without license.

Maurice St. Patrick Brown, 43, 1628 Kirkland Road, Covington, Oct. 3. Theft by shoplifting.

Tessa Charmiane Dimsdale, 39, 22 Ivy St., Porterdale, Oct. 3. Driving without license.

Atavia Jelante English, 34, 10132 Broken Branch Court, Covington, Oct. 5. Criminal damage to property, Family Violence Act simple assault.

Damon Chad Etheredge, 25, 20 Walnut Ridge Court, Covington, Public drunkenness.

Jeremiah Martin Fuller, 32, Conyers, Sept. 30. Theft by conversion.

Brian Charles Garrard, 48, Highway 162, Covington, Oct. 1. Penalty for failure to appear.

Alfonzo Hamelin, 41, Decatur, Sept. 30. Probation violation.

Ferlando R’Ashad Harris, 20, 1406 Grosslake Parkway, Covington, Oct. 2. Contempt of court.

Gregory Blake Hawkins, 22, 45 Christopher Court, Newborn, Oct. 2. Contributing to the delinquency of minor.

Brandon Marquis Henderson, 17, 235 Claremont Drive, Covington, Sept. 30. Criminal trespass, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Xavier Chamar Hicks, 17, 60 Parc Court, Covington, Oct. 4. Battery, robbery.

Joanna Lynn Hogan, 38, 10627 Magnolia Heights, Covington, Oct. 5. Hold for Conyers PD.

Albert Thomas Huff, 23, 23 Andrews Road, Covington, Oct. 1. Court sentenced to work release.

Damarius Durante Johnson, 17, 80 Serena Court, Covington, Sept. 30. Criminal trespass.