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Newton County Jail Log, Nov. 17
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Curtis Joseph Adams, 28, Monroe, Nov. 5. Interference with government property.

Keith Leonard Barnes, 54, 85 Spring Valley Drive, Covington, Nov. 5. Parole violation.

Taurus O’Neal Baynes, 28, 105 East Lawn Drive, Covington, Oct. 30. Court sentenced to work release.

Lisa Marie Beard, 32, homeless, Nov. 5. Court sentenced.

Sandrico Paul Belyeu, 21, 200 Oak Terrace Drive, Covington, Nov. 11. Parole violation.

Jeremiah Chandler Bigby, 44, 10464 Dinah Pace Road, Covington, Nov. 3. Child support default, probation violation.

Timothy Leon Brown, 35, Covington, Oct. 30. Court sentenced to work release.

Hannah Kelly Brownlee, 21, Monticello, Nov. 1. Two counts probation violation.

Darrell Lee Cammon, 51, 120 Heaton Place Trail, Covington, Nov. 1. Probation violation.

Kenneth William Cavender, 28, Flovilla, Nov. 5. Theft by shoplifting.

Brian Scott Clemons, 37, Hazard, Ky., Nov. 5. Possession with intent to distribute (Schedule II).

John Lawrence Conwell Jr., 28, 135 Trinity Drive, Covington, Nov. 1. Probation violation.

Christopher Maurice Cooksey, 30, 3142 Clark St., Covington, Nov. 4. Probation violation.

McKenzie Farrow Crowe, 18, 843 Cornish Mountain Road, Oxford, Nov. 4. Court sentenced.

Ashley Elizabeth Davis, 28, Conyers, Nov. 1. Child support default.

Kim O’Neal Dennis, 40, 725 Airport Road, Oxford, Nov. 1. Probation violation.

Ted Wilson Lee Drake, 35, Thomson, Nov. 5. Probation violation.

Broderick Demonia Elliott, 50, 150 Avonlea Drive, Covington, Nov. 4. Bond revoked.

Roahan Anthony Fergus, 21, 170 Hugh Drive, Covington, Oct. 31. Probation violation, contempt of court.

James Morgan Fuqua Jr., 27, 7111 Arbor Lakes, Covington, Nov. 1. Probation violation.

Joseph Dwayne Gier, 26, 14 Elm St., Porterdale, Nov. 4. Probation violation.

Gregory Lamar Giles, 50, 10107 Puckett St., Covington, Nov. 1. Contempt of court.

Derrick Eugene Hall, 37, Miami, Fla., Oct. 31. Court sentenced.

Tonya Latrice Hall, 42, Miami, Fla., Oct. 31. Bond revoked.

Charles Montgomery Henderson, 33, 19746 Highway 36, Covington, Oct. 30. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, failure to stop at stop sign, possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), possession of drug in commercial drug free zone.

John Fitzgerald Henke Jr., 26, Garden City, Nov. 5. Court sentenced to work release.

Kimberly Hernandez, 19, 1891 Access Road, Covington, Nov. 2. Back for court.

Marcus Toyon Hillard, 30, 370 Trelawney Circle, Covington, Nov. 4. Simple battery, high aggravated nature, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, child support.

Mary Elizabeth Jeter, 25, Bethlehem, Oct. 30. Contempt of court.

David Russell Johnson, 32, 3970 Ga. Highway 142, Newborn, Oct. 30. Possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), open container, improper lane usage.

Nikholas Jamille Johnson, 25, 160 Charleston Place, Covington, Oct. 31. Court sentenced.

Herbert Davon Jupiter, 45, 3127 Sockwell Ave., Covington, Nov. 1. Probation violation, bench warrant.

Karim Jabril King, 20, 245 Winchester Drive, Covington, Oct. 31. Possession of cocaine with intent, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Terronica Michelle Lackey, 33, 3138 Hendrix Circle, Covington, Oct. 31. Court sentenced.

Christopher Tanner Lovins, 29, Bulay, Ky., Nov. 5. Possession of Schedule I & II drugs with intent to distribute.

Courtney Karon Marks, 22, 210 First Ave., Covington, Nov. 3. Probation violation.

Aladrienne Nymeeka McCall, 17, 9240 A Colony Drive, Covington, Nov. 5. Disorderly conduct.

David Michael Perry, 38, 7133 Turner Lake Circle, Covington, Nov. 5. Parole violation.

Adam Lee Phillips, 20, 247 Rocky Creek Ridge, Mansfield, Nov. 4. Driving while license suspended, second offense.

Angela Denise Pope, 38, Kathleen, Nov. 5. Failure to appear.

Anthony Tyrone Potts, 46, 22 B Ivy St., Porterdale, Oct. 31. Failure to appear, theft by receiving stolen property, theft of services.

Michael Jeremy Priest, 35, Griffin, Oct. 31. Probation violation.

Demetrius Randolph Jr., 23, 8111 Sterling Lane, Covington, Nov. 3. Court sentenced to work release.

Martha Lynn Rogers, 61, 3280 Gum Creek Road, Oxford, Nov. 5. Probation violation.

Justin Nicholas Ross, 24, Jonesboro, Nov. 4. Probation violation.

Thomas Glenn Sanson, 20, 275 Oakhill Drive, Covington, Nov. 5. Probation violation.

Ralph Terry Dron Scott, 17, 100 Plum Orchard Drive, Covington, Oct. 31. Burglary.

Justin Cooper Singletary, 27, Monticello, Nov. 4. Probation violation.

Rodney Stephen Singley, 35, 583 Macedonia Road, Covington, Nov. 2. Probation violation, incarceration order.

Joseph Levor Smith, 34, Atlanta, Nov. 5. Probation violation, perjury.

Larry Smith, 62, 1205 Godfrey St., Oxford, Nov. 5. Contempt of court.

Cynthia Lynn Stanton, 48, Social Circle, Nov. 3. Theft by shoplifting.

Andrew Joseph Townsend, 32, Social Circle, Oct. 30. Probation violation.

Dominique David Watson, 19, Hardwick, Nov. 5. Back for court.

Clayton Daniel Weakley, 25, 50 Neely Hammonds Road, Covington, Nov. 4.

Ryant O’Neal Weaver, 27, 45 Mountainview Drive, Covington, Oct. 30. Probation violation.

Jerry Wheeler, 56, 10150 Puckett St., Covington, Oct. 31. Probation violation.

Kevin Odale Whitmire, 23, Conyers, Nov. 1. Crossing guardline with drugs, court sentenced.

Trinity Lamar Williams, 36, Jackson, Nov. 2. Parole violation, second-degree burglary, theft by taking, second degree burglary vehicle, theft by taking.

Solomon Willis, 26, 60 Countryside Lane, Covington, Nov. 3. Probation violation.

Billy Warren Wilson, 29, 100 Summerset Drive, Covington, Nov. 1. Child support default.

Billy Ray Wingo III, 33, Conyers, Nov. 1. Probation violation.

Kristen Michele Beck, 20, Conyers, Nov. 5. Contempt of court.

Jessica Marie Buckingham, 28, Conyers, Nov. 4. Theft by shoplifting.

Stephen Eugene Cain, 47, 420 East Country Woods Drive, Covington, Oct. 31. Family violence Act simple assault, terroristic threats and acts, cruelty to children.

Moses Cannon, 22, 7121 Pine Needle Drive, Covington, Nov. 4. Hold for other agency.

Blanca Cardoza-de Aquilar, 22, 10208 Magnolia Heights, Covington, Nov. 4. Driving without license, turning movements.

Crystal Gail Conner, 27, 488 Henderson Mill Road, Covington, Nov. 2. Public drunkenness.

Steven Eric Dale, 40, 7123 Lakeview Drive, Covington, Nov. 1. Theft by conversion.

Richard Dale Davis, 34, Social Circle, Nov. 4. Probation violation.

Damian Kendale Dukes, 24, 6151 Green St., Covington, Nov. 2. License required, surrender of.

Denver Lee Dunn, 34, Eatonton, Nov. 2. Public drunkenness.

Serena Ann Ellis, 43, 77 Heaton Road, Covington, Nov. 1. Court sentenced.

Frankie Selena Frazier, 29, 50 Ivey St., Porterdale, Nov. 3. No tail lights, driving while license suspended.

Katory Nakia Giles, 18, Lithonia, Nov. 2. Noise violation, driving without license.

Crystal Diamond Gray, 24, 5208 Monticello St., Covington, Oct. 30. No seat belts, driving while license suspended, giving false name or address.

Arbie Q. Hardeman, 36, 210 Manor Oaks Drive, Covington, Nov. 1. Court sentenced.

Megan Kathy Harris, 36, Monroe, Nov. 2. Public drunkenness.

Tracy Ann Hernandez, 37, 6118 Ruth St., Covington, Nov. 2. Improper lane usage, DUI.

Shanreka Marrietta Hodge, 32, 88 Tempie Road, Covington, Oct. 30. Theft by shoplifting.

Shane Lawerence Holbrook, 33, homeless, Oct. 31. Probation violation.

Lolithia Leshaun Jeff, 20, 5133 Lackey St., Covington, Oct. 30. Simple assault.

Michael Johnson, 59, 10206 Waterford Road, Covington, Oct. 30. Disorderly conduct.