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Newton County Jail Log, May 23
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Delevente Sancheze Hardwick, 19, Monticello, May 15. Sentenced to 5 days.
Deanna Lein Hubbard, 34, 515 East County Wood Drive, Covington, May 11. Court sentenced violation of probation.
Kenneth Lamar Ingram, 49, 10149 Allen Drive, Covington, May 15. Family Violence Act battery, cruelty to children.
Justin Vaughn James, 19, 30 Pope Trail, Covington, May 15. Burglary.
James Russell Jenkins, 50, Jackson, May 10. Surety offense.
Garfield Johnson, 66, 7149 Lassiter St., Covington, May 10. Battery.
Jeffery Lee Johnson, 22, Conyers, May 12. Failure to appear.
Taylor Jared Johnson, 21, 5130 Private Drive, Covington, May 9. Probation violation.
Gerrenco Marquis Jones, 30, Calhoun, May 9. Child support default.
Randy Warren Lamberth, 36, Social Circle, May 15. Sentenced to 3 days.
Neko Pierre Lawrence, 23, Conyers, May 13. Two counts possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance, driving without headlights in the dark.
Darren Lee Lewis, 30, Atlanta, May 11. Probation violation.
Jakuba Lewis, 17, Conyers, May 11. Criminal attempt to commit burglary, possession of tools for the commission of crime, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Joshua Paul Mangum, 23, 10 Meadowwood Drive, Covington, May 11. Court sentenced to 30 days work release.
Shelby Donyell Marshall, 32, Atlanta, May 9. Probation violation.
Bruce Meadows, 41, Social Circle, May 11. Probation violation.
Henry George Moton, 53, 1110 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, May 14. Bench warrant, probation violation.
Darrell Duane Parks, 48, Salisbury, N.C., May 9. Probation violation.
Rodricus Demetrius Parks, 22, 80 Cedar Creek Drive, Covington, May 15. Court sentenced.
Kevin Michael Partain, 22, Conyers, May 14. Public drunkness.
Larry Eugene Perrette, 73, Powder Springs, May 13. Court sentenced to 5 days.
Unquiel Sondre Pittman, 29, 445 Victoria Blvd., Oxford, May 11. No proof of insurance, probation violation.
Linda Michelle Poole, 48, 115 Brandon Drive, Covington, May 9. Probation violation.
Angelo Lamar Roberson, 52, Jackson, May 10. Back for court, failure to appear.
Quincy Queen Russell, 26, 7218 Pineneedle Drive, Covington, May 9. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, tampering with evidence.
Jeremy Shane Smith, 32, 326B First St., Covington, May 9. Probation violation.
Ronnie Jerome Thomas, 50, Ellenwood, May 10. Failure to appear.
Jamie Rene Yarbrough, 24, 2140 Anderson Ave., May 9. Contempt of court.
Roger William Zink, 23, 190 Highgrove Drive, Covington, May 14. Probation violation.
Russell Thomas Barber, 23, 6B Maple St., Porterdale, May 11. Theft by shoplifting.
Jessie O'Neal Benton, 37, 15 Brook Hollow, Covington, May 13. DUI, noise violation.
Larry Wayne Brantley, 54, 900 Stone Lea Trace, Oxford, May 12. No tag lights, DUI.
Guy Lofonzio Brown, 32, 5122 Bede Drive, Apt. B, Covington, May 13. Public drunkness.
Bethany Rose Bulla, 22, Nashville, Tenn., May 12. Driving while license suspended, no seat belts.
Stanecia Capri Callahan, 31, Lithonia, May 11. Cruelty to children.
Susan Christina Capobianco, 52, 721 Mt. Tabor Road, Oxford, May 10. Possession of marijuana.
Jason Bryant Collins, 32, 15 Kirkland Court, Covington, May 9. Battery, criminal trespass.
Charles Heath Cowan, 26, McDonough, May 11. Criminal trespass.
Julio Cesar Curiel, 25, Norcross, May 10. Speeding, driving without license.
Micha Lynn Davis, 44, 8169 Kirk St., Covington, May 14. City of Covington.
Michael Anthony Drake, 34, 3400 Salem Road, Apt., 157G, Covington, May 15. Douglas County warrant.
Rico Deshaun Garett, 30, Rutledge, May 9. No tag lights, driving while license suspended.
Lois Marie Gignac, 48, 402 Haygood Ave., Oxford, May 15. Disorderly conduct.
Michelle Lee Hamilton, 30, 188 Country Creek Road, Newborn, May 9. Conyers Police Department hold.
Shumari Antoine Harris, 32, Columbia, S.C., May 12. Speeding, driving while license suspended.
Athony Chastain Hartsfield, 54, 23 Laurel St., Porterdale, May 15. DUI less safe, reckless driving, duty of driver to stop at or report, two counts duty upon striking unattended object, improper lane usage.
Kristy Danielle Haynes, 27, Lilburn, May 13. Driving while license suspended.
Kelli Lindsay Helderbrand, 22, Conyers, May 9. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Sandy Ann Henderson, 37, 7134 Puckett St., Covington, May 15. To serve 10 hours.
Danny James Henry, 57, 10921 Ga. Highway 36, Lot 31, Covington, May 15. Public drunkenness.
Heather Michele Hodge, 33, 168 Oak Hill Road, Covington, May 15. Family Violence Act battery.
Deonne Yvette Jones, 27, 10121 Puckett St., Covington, May 15. Speeding, driving while license suspended.
Deonne Yvette Jones, 39, Augusta, May 15. Driving while license suspended, speeding.
Delores Bell Jordan, 55, 65 Wetbrook Way, Covington, May 9. Family Violence Act battery.
Shaconna Nicole Jordan, 32, 65 Westbrook Way, Covington, May 9. Simple battery.
Sherry Annette Kelly, 50, 121A Porter St., Newborn, May 10. Possession methamphetamine, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Kathryn Olivia Lynch, 21, 30 Vinnys Way, Covington, May 10. Terroristic threats and acts.
Lynette Sheree Lynch, 30, 6178 Green Acres Drive, Covington, May 13. Driving while license suspended, improper left turn.
Ethelyn Naomie Marcano, 45, 19 Poplar St., Porterdale, May 14. Driving while license suspended, revoked or canceled license, no proof of insurance, operation of vehicle without current license, following too closely.
Pam Denise McKibben, 21, Norcross, May 10. Public drunkenness.
Cadalero Latez Mitchell, 24, 50 Oak Meadows Place, Covington, May 9. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Cindy Teresa Mock, 42, 963 Airport Road, Oxford, May 9. Mandatory education.
Lameisha Nichelle Monroe, 25, Conyers, May 11. Theft by taking.
Katie Lynn Moss, 26, 350 McDonald Road, Covington, May 12. Probation violation.
Anthony Jerome Muldrow, 30, 6178 Green Acres Drive, Covington, May 9. Third degree cruelty to children, Family Violence Act simple battery, interfering with a 911 call.
Justin Ray Payne, 27, 9456 Tara Drive, Covington, May 9. Family Viiolence Act, terroristic threats and acts.
Edison E. Phillip, 33, Conyers, May 12. Open container, duty on striking unattended object, suspended, revoked or canceled license, DUI.
Travis Theodore Tovi Pinnock, 21, 75 Homestead Way, Covington, May 15. DUI alcohol, leaving the scene of accident with damage, duty on striking unattended object, reckless driving.
Brittany Shunelle Porter, 21, Monroe, May 14. Simple assault.
Angela Lavitesha Smart, 21, 7106 Geiger St., Covington, May 10. To serve 45 hours.
Vanessa Lashea Smith, 21, 3107 Ivy St., Covington, May 10. Public drunkenness.
Timothy Edward Smitherman, 34, 214 Conley Ditch Road, Covington, May 12. DUI, improper lane usage.
Douglas Keith Spencer, 49, Loganville, May 13. No seat belts, possession of marijuana, DUI.
Michael Ray Sutton, 46, 10145 Jefferson Village, Covington, May 14. Driving while license suspended.
Consuclo Villagas, 54, Multon, Ala., May 12. Driving without license, failure to signal.
Cordero Decarlos Waller, 24, Stone Mountain, May 14. Theft by receiving stolen property.
James Washington, 46, Columbia, S.C., May 11. Serving 4 days.
Robert Glenn Weiss, 41, 230 Avalon Road, Covington, May 11. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no seat belts.
Kevin White, 40, 101 Valley Road, Covington, May 9. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, possession and use of drug related paraphernalia.
Miranda Mae Wilson, 19, Douglasville, May 13. Theft by shoplifting.
Timothy Wayne Wilson, 41, Conyers, May 13. Suspended, revoked or canceled license, driving while license suspended.
John Albert Worrell, 46, 50 Cattlewalk Way, Covington, May 10. False statements in matters of the state.