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Newton County Jail Log - June 1
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o Jamal Senoia Price, 24, Bethlehem, May 25. Aggravated battery, terroristic threats and acts, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.
o Kenneth Shane Price, 23, Conyers, May 19. Probation violation.
o Angelica Natasha Rogers, 17, 6 Daisy St., Porterdale, May 22. Family Violence Act aggravated assault.
o Larry Alan Soggins, 37, Ohatchu, Ala., May 23. Probation violation.
o Jasmine Nicole Scott, 17, 105 Shenandoah Drive, Covington, May 25. Furnishing to, purchase, or possession of alcohol by minor.
o Morgan Tenay Shell, 17, 320 Claremont Drive, Covington, May 25. Battery against a female who is pregnant.
o Michael Garrett Smith, 26, Lawrenceville, May 24. Contempt of court.
o Michael Lee Smith, 39, 5169 Private Drive, Covington, May 18. Probation violation.
o Marco Javar Stockard, 29, Atlanta, May 23. Probation violation.
o Kenneth Lane Stodghill, 52, Loganville, May 23. Child support.
o James O'Brien Stone, 37, 9171 Jefferson Ave., Covington, May 25. Surrender of license and registration after suspension, following too closely, DUI first offense, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense.
o Ronald Ward, 62, 45 Temple Drive, Covington, May 20. Parole Violation.
o Grady Howard Waters Jr., 45, 145 Monroe Jersey Road, Jersey, May 19. Probation violation.
o Christopher Lamar Williams, 22, 17 Georgia Road, Covington, May 19. Probation violation, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers
o Demarco Antwane Williams, 30, 385 Crestfield Circle, Covington, May 23. Failure to appear.
o Lizzie Victoria Wise, 42, 7103 Pine Needle Drive, Covington, May 24. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.
o Mark Elton Wright, 46, 450 Silver Willow Walk, Covington, May 24. Court sentenced.
o Randall James Allen, 58, 20 Flint Hill Drive, Oxford, May 18. Public drunkenness.
o Sherry McElreath Amond, 54, 150 Taunton Road, Covington, May 22. Disorderly conduct.
o Duvean Lunelle Bouie, 43, 100 Wellstone Place, Covington, May 18. Hold for Henry County.
o Clarence Edward Camp Jr., 35, 5157 Avery St., Covington, May 21. Family Violence Act battery.
o Tschia Leann Cherry, 39, 7205 Lakeview Drive, Covington, May 18. Hold for Rockdale County.
o Leigha Danielle Colvin, 20, 25 Trelawney Pass, Covington, May 20. Disorderly conduct.
o Alfonso Jermaine Dennis, 24, 10 Windsong Drive, Covington, May 23. Two counts child support default.
o Stewart Cody Farris, 17, Lilburn, May 22. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, willful interference with emergency.
o Henry Roosevelt Ferguson, 45, Dublin, May 20. Probation violation.
o Jefferey Wade Fisher, 28, Social Circle, May 22. DUI, speeding.
o Brian Austin Forde, 19, Conyers, May 21. Theft by shoplifting.
o Juan M. Fuentes-Perez, 32, 115 Willow Tree Terrace, Covington, May 24. Speeding, limited license violation.
o Nicholas Alan Garner, 19, 186 Deep Step Road, Covington, May 22. Drinking under age.
o Rusell Guest, 28, 727 Magnet Road, Covington, May 19. Family Violence Act criminal trespass.
o Kendra Renea Hargrove, 30, 265 Lakeside Circle, Covington, May 25. First degree cruelty to children.
o Jonathan Richard Hillan, 18, 2077 Rocky Plains Road, Covington, May 22. Theft by shoplifting.
o Algernon Tremain Johnson, 38, 75 Cedar Creek Drive, Covington, May 20. Hold for Pine Lake Police Department.
o Staci Ann Kenny, 28, 20 Oaklake Drive, Covington, May 24. Battery.
o Mario Antoine Mathis, 24, Social Circle, May 18. Simple assault, pointing or aiming gun or pistol, simple battery, stalking.
o Patrick Contrell McGuire, 38, 10484 Dinah Pace Road, Covington, May 18. Theft by taking.
o Tony Dean McGuire, 52, 25 Hunters Trace, Covington, May 22. Public drunkenness.
o Vincent Emmett McIver, 40, 65 Hunters Ridge Drive, Covington, May 21. Driving while license suspended, operation of vehicle without current license.
o Teresa Ann Miles, 38, 6128 Ruth St., Covington, May 24. Simple battery.
o Virginia Susan Moore, 21, 55 Northwood Oak Drive, Oxford, May 21. Court sentenced to 40 hours.
o Christopher Keith Morris, 24, Stone Mountain, May 23. Aggravated assault.
o Charlene Leslie Mullin, 55, 75 Dove Landing, Covington, May 18. Court sentenced.
o Daniel Thomas Mullins, 31, 7 Hemlock St., Porterdale, May 19. Hold for Gwinnett County.
o Karen Cash Oliver, 42, 20 Plum Orchard Road, Apt. A, Covington, May 21. Theft by taking.
o Brandy Mae Pase, 21, Thomson, May 18. Theft by shoplifting.
o Brent Deshan Permenter, 20, Tucker, May 24. Speeding, following too closely, driving while license suspended.
o Peter Julian Perro, 36, 85 Russell Braden Road, Covington, May 19. Probation violation.
o James Reginald Price, 48, 67 Perry Circle, Oxford, May 20. Sentenced to 48 hours.
o Bartolo Reyes-Ortiz, 28, 67 Cowan Road, Lot 22, Covington, May 19. Speeding, driving without license.
o Ricardo Nicholas Rodney, 17, 200 Heaton Drive, Covington, May 19. Burglary, violation of Georgia Criminal Gang Act, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
o Paul Perry Ruch, 29, Warwick, May 18. Probation violation.
o Jamarcus Dontaze Simms, 19, 4126 Cannot St., Covington, May 22. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
o David Alan Smith, 30, Clermont, May 21. DUI, reckless driving.
o Lykeshaw Lashon Smith, 35, 330 Mountainview Drive, Covington, May 21. Terroristic threats and acts.
o Stephanie Lynn Sorrows, 20, Monticello, May 21. Furnishing, possession or purchase of alcohol by minor.
o Jerry Aurthur Sosebee, 48, Conyers, May 19. Public drunkenness.
o Matthew Spears, 32, 1247 South River Road, Covington, May 23. Loitering or prowling.
o Ken Levan Teague, 42, Conyers, May 19. Deposit account fraud.
o Toni Aeisha Truitt, 17, 6193 Nixon Circle, May 19. Simple battery.
o Andres Savinon Vergara, 32, Jersey, May 21. License required, surrender of.
o Amanda Anne Voogd, 30, 9115 Golf View Lane, Covington, May 24. Driving while license suspended.
o Alicia Adelle Warren, 33, Madison, May 22. Theft by shoplifting.
o Keneth Alexis Washington, 46, 180 Shadow Brook Drive, Covington, May 20. Contempt of court.
o Amy Lee Weir, 28, 1303 Coke St., Oxford, May 19. Family Violence Act battery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, public drunkenness.
o Chenoa Lynn Westmoreland, 22, 160 Fincher Road, Covington, May 24. Financial transaction card fraud.
o Gary Williams, 17, 25 Westover Place, Covington, May 20. Criminal trespass.
o Solomon Willis, 24, 1780 Kirkland Road, Covington, May 19. Contempt of court, DUI, false statements in matters of state, no seat belts.
o Marcus Antonious Wingfield, 37, 1000 Mote road, Covington, May 20. Reckless conduct.
o Johnny Lee Wise, 57, 2122 Hendrick St., Covington, May 24. Court sentenced.
o Marshall Wright, 25, 880 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, May 19. Simple battery, interfering with a 911