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Newton County Jail Log - Jan. 21 - Feb. 3
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Benjamin Kenneth Schwartz, 18, Rising sun, Md., Jan. 21. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, drug related objects.

Lonnie Jocoviche Simmons, 17, Decatur, Jan. 24. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Anthony Delaney Slatter, 38, 4197 162 Connector, Covington, Jan. 22. Driving while license suspended, speed limits, no proof of insurance.

Diane Bernice Smith, 43, 8122 Primrose Cove, Covington, Jan. 24. Driving while license suspended.

Joshua David Smith, 18, 1942 Ga. Highway 81, Oxford, Jan. 24. DUI.

Timothy Michael Terry, 19, 55 Aiken Way, Covington, Jan. 23. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Tameka Lasha Thomas, 29, Conyers, Jan. 23. Theft by shoplifting.

Everton Warren, 28, Decatur, Jan. 24. DUI, improper lane usage, giving false name or address.

Latoyn Anwon Whitner, 30, Conyers, Jan. 21. Driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance, giving false name or address, first degree forgery, fleeing or attempting to elude, driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance, license to be carried and exhibited.

Robert Earl Works, 25, Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 25. DUI, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, open container, driving while license suspended, suspended, revoked or canceled license, speeding, no proof of insurance.

Trellis Ray Bailey II, 31, 1758 Rocky Plains Road, Covington, Jan. 28. Possession of arms by convicted felons and first offender probation offender, probation violation.

Tosha Renee Berry, 40, 125 Cinnamon Fern Circle, Covington, Jan. 28. Probation violation.

Mark Daniel Bishop, 28, 503 Fincher Road, Covington, Jan. 28. Court sentenced to work release.

Jeffery Steed Bowen, 46, Monroe, Jan. 28. Theft by taking (auto), reckless driving, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), fleeing or attempting to elude police officer.

Terra Montine Bradford, 30, 19 Main St., Porterdale, Jan. 30. contempt of court.

Matthew Jacob Bringle, 43, 23 Russell Braden Dr., Covington, Feb. 2. Public drunkenness.

Alvin Norman Brooks, 51, 4630 Ga. Highway 213, Newborn, Jan. 28. Two counts child support default.

Timothy Leon Brown, 30, 255 Burmuda Run Dr., Covington, Feb. 3. contempt of court, two counts failure to appear.

Torey Deonta Carr, 27, 158 Neely Hammonds Road, Covington, Feb. 2. Aggravated assault, battery, possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, possession of arms by convicted felons.

Cory Terrell Chandler 38, Atlanta, Jan. 28. Probation violation.

Michael Stanley Christian, 48, 2219 Emory St., Covington, Feb. 1. Public drunkenness, Family Violence Act simple battery.

Michael Jonathan Clark, 17, 292 Elks Club Road, Covington, Feb. 2. Criminal trespass.

David Edward Cobb, 54, 385 High Point Forest Dr., Covington, Feb. 3. City of Covington sentenced to 10 days.

Samantha Sha Cronan, 21, 2880 Ga. Highway 11, Mansfield, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

Adonis Deshann Darty, 17, 750 Cowan Road, Covington, Feb. 2. Probation violation.

Scottie Quintaurus Davis, 28, 275 Hunters Trace, Covington, Feb. 1. Family Violence Act battery, disorderly conduct, possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.

Roy Blane Dees, 20, 255 Rawlins Dr., Covington, Feb. 1. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, disorderly conduct.

Marcus Xavier England, 32, Conyers, Jan. 28. Court sentenced to work release.

Christopher McNeal Eubanks, 37, 3332 West St., Covington, Feb. 2. Two counts failure to appear.

Maurice Syeaf Forman, 18, 140 Desota Dr., Covington, Feb. 3. Statutory rape.

Monica Rene Freeman, 33, 45 N. Broad St., Porterdale, Jan. 31. Battery, terroristic threats and acts.

Anthony Morris George, 42, Monticello, Feb. 3. Probation violation.

April Michelle Hamilton, 33, 5577 Wapakonata Trail, Oxford, Jan. 28. Probation violation.

Threadis Lakeisha Harris, 26, Conyers, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

Jason Keith Harwell, 29, 1075 Fincher Road, Covington, Jan. 28. Theft by receiving stolen property, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, improper lane usage, failure to stop at stop sign, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense).

Domingo Cervantes Hernandez, 45, 35 Taunton Road, Covington, Jan. 31. Operation of vehicle without current plate, expired plate (first offense), license to be carried and exhibited on demand, removing or affixing license plate with intent to conceal, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense).

Girvin Jackson III, 33, 9240 Colony Dr., Covington, Jan. 28. Probate bench warrant, child support default.

Anthony Thenes Johnson, 44, 20 E. Dollar Circle, Covington, Jan. 3. Second degree cruelty to children, Family Violence Act battery.

Eddie Lee Johnson, 44, 737 Baker Road, Oxford, Jan. 28. Court sentenced to work release.

Ricky Dale Johnson, 30, Monticello, Feb. 3. Failure to appear.

Tony Lee Johnson Jr., 21, Monroe, Jan. 29. Probation violation.

Jesse Lashon Jones IV, 30, 560 Wisteria Blvd., Covington, Feb. 2. contempt of court.

Antonio Jerome Kelly, 22, 85 Old River Road, Covington, Jan. 30. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, escape.

James Dean Kirby, 29, U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

Richard Travis Lott, 34, Madison, Jan. 28. Court sentenced to 6 months work release.

Kenya Aisha Lynch, 30, 6113 Pine Glen Circle, Covington, Feb. 3. First degree forgery.

Kenneth Keith Malcom, 23, 155 Trailway, Covington, Feb. 1. Bench warrant.

Kiunjis Shamoqia Mathis, 21, 1005 Ridge Ave. Dr., Covington, Feb. 3. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no seat belts, contempt of court, probation violation, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense).

Bobby Ray McDniel Jr., 40, 12911 Alcovy Road, Covington, Feb. 1. Aggravated stalking.

Angela Lynn Morgan, 41, 4630 Ga. Highway 213, Newborn, Jan. 28. Probation violation.

Kimberly Jill Mote, 28, Conyers, Feb. 3. Probation violation.

Kenneth Ray Murrell, 50, 207 W. Bonnell St., Oxford, Feb. 3. DUI, first offense.

Peter Edward Naccarato Jr., 35, Flowery Branch, Feb. 3. Electronically furnishing obscene material to minor, computer pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act of 2007, sexual exploitation of child, reporting violations, forfeiture.

Ginger Marie Parks, 21, Conyers, Jan. 29. Family Violence Act aggravated assault, Family Violence Act battery, second degree cruelty to children.

Saul Pascual, 31, Bede Road, Covington, Feb. 3. Public drunkenness.

Arbie Renard Perry, 54, 6226 Green Acres Dr., Covington, Feb. 3. Child support default.