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Newton County Jail Log, Feb. 20
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John Grimes, 22, McDonough, Jan. 31. Probation violation.

Christopher Antoine Hammond, 42, Atlanta, Jan. 31. Failure to appear porterdale.

James Kevin Hicks, 36, 218 Parr Farm Road, Covington, Jan. 31. Probation violation.

Michelle Latrice Jeff, 31, 10124 Carlton Trail, Covington, Feb. 1. Child support default.

Antonio Demetrius Johnson, 36, 10111 Morris Drive, Covington, Jan.. 30. Probation violation.

James Edward Jordan Jr., 39, 3280 Gum Creek Road, Oxford, Feb. 1. Probation violation.

Tony Bernard Jordan, 45, 3128 Fairview Road, Covington, Feb. 4. Child support default.

Jerika Alliah Joseph, 20, Atlanta, Feb. 1. Identity fraud, fourth degree forgery.

Mario Dashawn Kirby, 31, Decatur, Feb. 1. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Marty Ray Kirby Jr., 38, 102 Main St., Jersey, Jan. 31. Probation violation, contempt of court.

Mark Anthony Lawson, 39, 65 Pebble Way, Covington, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Kimberly Bradford Macias, 36, 460-79 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

Tyrone Freddie McCrimager, 31, Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 1. Probation violation.

Jennifer Brookins McGahee, 32, Snellville, Feb. 1. Probation violation.

Robert Alan McGuire, 50, Atlanta, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Tyler Dwayne Mitchell, 18, 135 Country Creek Road, Newborn, Feb. 5. Criminal trespass, loitering or prowling, criminal attempt, possession of tools for the commission of crime.

Nicholas Daniel Partain, 26, 11025 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Feb. 1. Probation violation.

Demetrius Marquez Pridget, 18, 115 Longstreet, Oxford, Feb. 1. Theft by receiving stolen property (motor vehicle).

Robert Andrew Rankins, 18, 13184 Greywolf Lane, Covington, Feb. 5. Burglary, criminal attempt to commit burglary, criminal trespass.

Diante Celophas Reynolds, 20, 1396 Fall River Drive, Covington, Feb. 5. Burglary, criminal attempt to commit burglary, criminal trespass, theft by receiving stolen property, furnishing weapons to person under 21 years of age.

Quantez Jamal Robinson, 19, 3152 West St., Covington, Jan. 30. Probation violation affray.

Dionte Cherone Rogers, 24, Lithonia, Feb. 4. Failure to appear.

Elbert Steven Ross, 47, Conyers, Feb. 4. Avoiding payment, theft by conversion.

Timothy Alan Rustin, 33, 45 Townley Road, Oxford, Jan. 31. Probation violation.

Robert Lee Sego Jr., 40, Greenville, Feb. 5. Probation violation.

Gino Theodore Shepherd, 36, 2198 Lee St., Covington, Feb. 1. Unlawful conduct during 911 call.

Claude Otis Simpson Jr., 40, Clermont, Feb. 1. Probation violation.

Melanie Cheryl Skelton, 38, 5133 Ga. Highway 20 S, Covington, Feb. 4. Criminal trespass, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, terroristic threats and acts.

Michael Kevin Skinner, 28, 345 Oxford Road, Covington, Jan. 30. Court sentenced to work release.

Christopher Allen Solomon, 29, Statham, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Charles Barry Sorrells Jr., 32, 180 Townley Road, Oxford, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

Matthew David Stearns, 28, Griffin, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

Calvin Maurice Thomas, 29, Decatur, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

James Lee Treadwell, 48, Loganville, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Derrick Marq Vanterpool-Beal, 21, 47 Windcrest Terrace, Covington, Feb. 5. Court sentenced.

Karen Denise Walker, 32, Riverdale, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Dennis Washington, 54, Conyers, Feb. 5. Forgery third degree, identity fraud, forgery in the first degree.

Michael Perkins Watson, 49, 10607 Flat Shoals Road, Covington, Jan. 31. Probation violation.

Bernard White, 32, Atlanta, Feb. 4. Possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, driving without a license, no license on file, improper left turn.

Moses Lee Williams, 54, 506 Moore St., Oxford, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Seketha Fateema Williams, 22, Albany, Feb. 1. Family Violence Act simple battery.

Elginn Zhimar Willis, 25, Conyers, Jan. 30. Court sentenced to work release.

Miranda Mae Wilson, 20, Douglasville, Jan. 30. Burglary.

D’Andre Trecell Willson-Epps, 22, homeless, Feb. 5. Probation violation.

Belinda Denise Alexander, 34, Conyers, Feb. 3. Theft by shoplifting.

Jennifer Leah Bagley, 39, 475 Forrest Drive, Covington, Feb. 4. Disorderly conduct.

Lisa Marie Beard, 31, 9174 Flat Shoals Road, Covington, Jan. 30. Back for court.

Willie Howard Belcher, 56, 2240 Lee St., Covington, Feb. 2. Public drunkenness.

Brewonna Shantae Blackwell, 21, 458 Smith Store Road, Covington, Jan. 31. Contempt of court.

Bruce Aquill Bolton, 28, 40 Syracuse Lane, Covington, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

Jessica Davis Butner, 28, Conyers, Jan. 31. Theft by taking.

David Jerome Catlett, 17, 2161 Hendricks St., Covington, Jan. 30. Criminal trespass.

Nadezhda Chetvertnykh, 26, Lithonia, Jan. 30. DUI, improper lane usage.

Adam Joseph Clark, 21, Emerson, Jan. 31. Court sentenced for 12 hours.

Bobby Lee Collins, 32, Monroe, Jan. 30. Child support default.

Wyshonthia Shelaye Cummings, 21, 65 Gum Tree, Covington, Feb. 1. First degree forgery.

Tony William Davis, 48, 908 Emory St., Oxford, Jan. 30. False report of a crime.

Richard Wayne Day, 50, Maysville, Feb. 1. Deposit account fraud.

Tony Cornelius Dennis, 33, 390 Cowan Road, Covington, Feb. 3. Family Violence Act battery.

Kea Grubb Epps, 42, 140 Whispering Pine Drive, Covington, Jan. 30. Identity fraud theft.

Wesley Scott Epps, 42, 140 Whispering Pines Drive, Covington, Jan. 30. Terroristic threats and acts.

Keith Joseph Esposito, 27, 246 Helen Road, Covington, Feb. 5. Contempt of court.