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Newton County Jail Log
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Alexis Shantell Cook, 17, 6136 Eberhardt St., Covington, Aug. 15. Fighting in public place (affray).

Dustin Scott Daniel, 19, 12178 Brown Bridge Road, Covington, Aug. 17. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Amy Renee Davis, 35, 135 Saddle Lane, Covington, Aug. 19. Court sentenced.

Amy Renee Davis, 35, 135 Saddle Lane, Covington, Aug. 16. Court sentenced.

Terrance Andre Dempts, 47, 70 Silver Willow Walk, Covington, Aug. 14. Stalking.

Clydesha Delisa Fraser, 17, 55 Avonlea Drive, Covington, Aug. 15. Fighting in a public place (affray).

David Anthony Ricardo Gordon, 22, Snellville, Aug. 18. Duty on striking unattended vehicle, duty upon striking fixtures on highway, false report of theft.

Brian Edward Jac, 38, Conyers, Aug. 14. Deposit account fraud.

Tiffany Joanna James, 30, 10134 Jefferson Village C, Covington, Aug. 14. Driving while license suspended.

Emmett Dewayne Jeffreys, 22, 300 Highgrove Drive, Covington, Aug. 20. No taillights, driving while license suspended.

David Russell Johnson, 32, 3970 Ga. Highway 142, Newborn, Aug. 15. Back for court.

Dominique Marquis Love, 20, 245 Redcliffe Trace, Covington, Aug. 14. Famly Violence Act simple battery.

Stacey Diane Marks, 27, 2 Elm St., Covington, Aug. 14. Family Violence Act battery.

Dexter Gabrail Mathis, 23, 30 Falcon Ridge Drive, Covington, Aug. 19. Public indecency.

Erick Smith McKnight, 36, 275 Mountain View Drive, Covington, Aug. 19. Loitering or prowling, theft by receiving stolen property.

Shawon Lee Muchler, 40, Conyers, Aug. 15. Operation of vehicle without current license, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, driving while license suspended.

Christopher Richard Parker, 32, 30 Manderly Way, Covington, Aug. 14. Disorderly conduct, Family Violence Act terroristic threats and acts, FVA third degree cruelty to children.

Larry Parker, 54, 95 Eastwood Circle, Covington, Aug. 20. Theft by taking.

Amelia Rodriguez, 35, 1891 Access Road, Lot 17, Covington, Aug. 14. Driving without license, stop signs and yield signs, no child restraint.

Elena Sa Sabates, 52, Marietta, Aug. 17. Improper lane usage, DUI.

Stephanie Michael Sallas, 23, Monroe, Aug. 15. Court sentenced.

Javane Elijah Seymore, 20, 55 Hanley Mill Drive, Covington, Aug. 18. Hold for Gwinnett.

Raphael Donaldo Sicheron, 36, 115 Jt Wallace Road, Covington, Aug. 18. DUI alcohol, reckless driving, speeding.

Tameeka Rochelle Singleton, 36, 200 Fieldview Lane, Covington, Aug. 18. Simple assault, criminal trespass.

Kim Annette Slaughter, 45, 678 Hodges Farm Road, Mansfield, Aug. 17. Public drunkenness.

Misty Marie Spence, 33, 9129 Villedge Drive, Covington, Aug. 19. Theft by taking.

Samuel James Strickland, 34, 15 Whitehead Court, Covington, Aug. 17. DUI alcohol, duty on striking unattended object.

Timothy Strickland, 49, 35 Windward Way, Covington, Aug. 15. Cruelty to animals.

Alexus Shanta Tate, 17, 10116 Broken Branch Court, Covington, Aug. 15. Fighting in public place (affray).

Peter Ignatius Usher, 43, 22 Hazel St., Porterdale, Aug. 19. DUI, no taillights.

Krystal Monique Watson, 22, buffalo, N.Y., Aug. 16. Driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance.

Shayla Mercedes White, 18, 215 Brookview Place, Oxford, Aug. 15. Fighting in a public place (affray).

Christopher Douglas Womack, 33, PlO. Box 472, Porterdale, Mansfield, Aug. 14. Battery.

Maurice Fabian Armstead,29, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 4C, Covington, Aug. 27. Criminal trespass, probation violation, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Demarrio Quintrel Baker, 33, 207 Emory Way, Covington, Aug. 26. Hold for probation.

Robert Dean Banks, 44, 30 Blackberry Lane, Covington, Aug. 22. Speeding, DUI first offense, giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, identity fraud, first-degree forgery, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense.

Anthony Wade Barrow, 42, Monroe, Aug. 27. Probation violation.

Brandon Kyle Bell, 27, Riverdale, Aug. 27. Probation violation.

Cynthia Ann Bell, 30, Monticello, Aug. 21. Schedule III, probation violation.

Jacque Bias, 50, 15 Stone Commons Way, Covington, Aug. 23. Armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance, theft of services.

Christopher Matthew Buntin, 50, Jackson, Aug. 27. Court sentenced.

Lisa Marie Burt, 23, Social Circle, Aug. 25. Probation violation.

Jody Cail Callison, 39, Springfield, Aug. 23. First-degree forgery, special presentment grand jury, printing, negotiating fictitious checks.

Eddie Chavarria, 25, Conyers, Aug. 21. Probation violation.