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Newton County Jail Log
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Marcus O’Neal Brown, 27, 105 Cyprist Drive, Covington, Jan. 3. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Bradley Stephen Chick, 40, Winder, Jan. 9. Driving while license suspended.

Roxanne Lea Curry, 36, Lithonia, Jan. 8. DUI refusal, improper lane usage, no driver’s license.

Janice Geneva Dickerson, 34, Conyers, Jan. 4. Theft by shoplifting.

Shakeya Qwansha Dunbar, 31, Springfield, Jan. 9. Driving while license suspended, no tail lights.

Jeffrey John Dundas, 24, Conyers, Jan. 3. First degree forgery.

Stephanie Lynn Flint, 26, 318 Loyd Road, Mansfield, Jan. 7. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.

Sabastian Garfiaz-Garia, 36, Loganville, Jan. 5. Speeding.

Jerome Lamar Goodwin, 21, 10484 Dinah Pace Road, Covington, Jan. 4. Family Violence Act simple battery, third degree cruelty to children.

Kalithia Imoya Hamm, 28, 9265 Cedar Ridge Drive, Covington, Jan. 6. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, no seat belts.

Amos Kouvaris Harvey III, 21, 80 Meadow Ridge Drive, Covington. Jan. 4. Theft by taking.

Steven Todd Hawkins, 41, 5220 Pinecrest Drive, Covington, Jan. 9. Court sentenced weekends.

Jordan Michaela Hendrix, 18, 30 Aspen Circle, Covington, Jan. 5. Theft by shoplifting.

Jaremy Boy Hilty, 41, 640 Island Shoals Road, Covington, Jan. 6. No tail lights, driving while license suspended. 

Bobby Jack Huggins, Jr., 45, 454 County Line Road West, Covington, Jan. 4. Criminal trespass, terroristic threats and acts, theft by taking.

Brandon Ladon Jackson, 18, 8176 Geiger St., Covington, Jan. 7. Probation violation.

Jamie Suzann Johnson, 26, Conyers, Jan. 4. Theft by shoplifting.

Kyzzar Jaymil Johnson, 19, 1500 Morningside Drive, Covington, Jan. 8. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, loitering or prowling.

Jason Otis Jones, 26, Ellijay, Jan. 5. No tail lights, driving while license suspended.

Jharis Du’Vae Jones, 24, 200 Sable Circle, Covington, Jan. 5. Probation violation.

Lloyd Clifford Jones, 58, 321 West Bonnell St., Oxford, Jan. 6. U turns, DUI.

James Calvin Loper, 21, Lithia Springs, Jan. 9. Speeding, driving while license suspended.

David Adanold Lowe, 44, Atlanta, Jan. 4. Bench warrant.

Tommy Lee Lundy, 19, 250 Stone Ridge Way, Covington, Jan. 7. Public drunkenness.

Milton Anthony Massey, 52, 170 Old Mount Zion Road, Oxford, Jan. 5. DUI alcohol, no seat belts.

Jacob Ryan Michaels, 17, 35 Mountain Lane, Covington, Jan. 6. Weapons on school safety zone.

Melissa Joy Morris, 33, 10445 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Jan. 6. Contempt of court.

David Ernest Moton, 29, 75 Cinnamon Fir Lane, Covington, Jan. 6. Family Violence Act criminal trespass, FVA simple battery, interfering with a 911 call.

Thomas Aaron Oglesby, 30, Loganville, Jan. 5. Two counts bench warrant.

William Levace Paggett, 24, 85 Wisteria Way, Covington, Jan. 3. Battery.

Steven Douglas Ries, 33, 7 South Broad St., Porterdale, Jan. 3. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Nancy Esther Saunders, 56, 130 Fairway Trail, Covington, Jan. 5. Theft of lost or mislaid property.

Michael Robert Schaff, 42, 10 Ascott Trace, Covington, Jan. 3. Theft by taking.

Clark Mignon Sheppard, 39, 30 Usher Road, Covington, Jan. 8. Driving while license suspended, certificate of registration, replacement.

Travaughn Cleve Simmons, 20, 1855 Stacia Drive, Covington, Jan. 8. Improper lane usage, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, second degree forgery.

Dionysus Stewart, 33, 17155 Illene St., Detroit/Oxford, Jan. 6. Driving while license suspended.

Okang Kokayi Sutherland, 37, Atlanta, Jan. 6. Two counts child support default.

Jahson Zackary Tafari, 17, 25 Chandler Trace, Covington, Jan. 8. Driving without license.

Ebon Jameel Thomas, 32, 30 Bunker Lane, Covington, Jan. 5. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Luis Alonza Toro, 35, 45 Trelawney Way, Covington, Jan. 6. Driving without license. 

Sherry Lynn Tyler, 53, 80 Slades Mill Road, Covington, Jan. 7. Battery, cruelty to children.

Joseph Lee Tyndall, 26, 5132 Ellis Circle, Covington, Jan. 6. Bench warrant.

Stephanie Walker, 33, 95 Hammock Drive, Covington, Jan. 8. Theft by shoplifting.

Deaundre Cortez Wyatt, 17, 110 Valley St., Newborn, Jan. 7. Theft by shoplifting. 

Carl Alexander Abrams, 23, Hueneme, Calif., Jan. 15. Financial transaction car theft, two counts financial transaction card fraud, probation violation.

Willie Bagley, Jr., 45, 5116 Alcovy Road, A., Covington, Jan. 14. Theft by shoplifting (4th offense), driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense).

Charles Edward Bailey, 53, 3120 Bohannon St., Covington, Jan. 15. Probation violation. 

James Kevin Benton, 34, 1117 Kirkland Road, Covington, Jan. 13. Contempt of court, probation violation.

Woodson Boyd Bowen, Sr., 50, 1011 Fincher Road, Covington, Jan. 13. Probation violation.

Matthew Joshua Brown, 26, Conyers, Jan. 16. Probation violation.

Michael Mason Canup, 49, 559 Anderson Creek Road, Covington, Jan. 11. Probation violation, theft by deception, second degree criminal damage to property.

Brian Michael Caron, 32, McDonough, Jan. 11. Contempt of court.

D’Vante Agyie Coles-Rose, 19, Stone Mountain, Jan. 14. Probation violation.

Lori Lee Davis, 34, Monticello, Jan. 11. Probation violation.

Keith Edward Dortch, 40, Loganville, Jan. 17. Burglary.

Marcus Xavier England, 35, Decatur, Jan. 17. Probation violation.

Joshua Adam Farmer, 25, Loganville, Jan. 17. Burglary.

Michael Anthony Ford, 34, Cleveland, Jan. 13. Probation violation.

Tekisha Casevious Giles, 33, Conyers, Jan. 11. Probation violation.

Terry Noldan Hall Jr., 29, Conyers, Jan. 17. Probation violation.

Jeremiah Cornelius Head, 27, 9301 Settlers Grove Road, Jan. 11. Probation violation.

Michalan Kendrick Henderson, 31, Lithonia, Jan. 13. Probation violation.

Tyson Raymond Hunter, 36, 140 Eleanor Drive, Covington, Jan 11. Contempt of court. 

Stanley Hurst, 51, 8131 People St., Covington, Jan. 13. First degree forgery, print, execute, negotiate checks drafts knowing information is in error.

Alecia Charlette Jackson, 28, 103 Lona St., Oxford, Jan. 15. Burning of woodlands, third degree arson.

Ladarius Maurice Jones, 25, 7148 Chaney Drive, Covington, Jan. 16. Aggravated assault, armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Kerry Lee Landress, 57, 6153 Washington St., Lot 13, Covington, Jan. 13. Probation violation.

Cleveland Lyons, 23, Conyers, Jan. 17. Two counts failure to appear, first degree forgery, interference with electronic monitoring device, failure to appear – bail jumping. 

Randolph James Marrast, 34, 80 Trelawney Keep, Covington, Jan. 17. Family Violence Act battery, third-degree cruelty to children.

Calvin O’Neal Martin, 34, Monroe, Jan. 11. Interfering with a 911 call, Family Violence Act battery.

William Houston Mays, 18, 875 Lazy Lane, Covington, Jan. 12. Court sentenced.

Jessica Nicole McDonald, 24, 104 Gross Lake Parkway, Covington, Jan. 17. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, no child restraint, following too closely.

Michael Lane Parker, 29, 60 Scout Road, Covington, Jan. 13. Contempt of court.

Courtney Ferlyndo Pettis, 30, Atlanta, Jan. 13. Probation violation.

Kimberly Leslie Pilgrim, 35, Warner Robins, Jan. 13. Probation violation.

Charles William Roberts, Jr., 35, Griffin, Jan. 17. Family Violence Act criminal trespass.

Daryle Todd Rowell, 39, 285 Saratoga Court, Covington, Jan. 17. Probation violation, burglary.

Ernest Lamar Shepard, 51, 10127 Lakeview Drive, Covington, Jan. 16. Probation violation.

Kristie Michelle Smith, 25, Social Circle, Jan. 15. Probation violation.

Robbie Jarrod Smith, 27, 55 Windridge Drive, Covington, Jan. 12. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance (Ecstasy), possession of marijuana felony with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, child support default. 

Tamyious Lamar Stanley, 18, 30 Hazel St., Porterdale, Jan. 11. Burglary, probation violation.

Antonio O’Neal Walker, 33, 316 Tanyard Road, Covington, Jan. 12. Probation violation.

James Scott Wilson, 45, Loganville, Jan. 13. Probation violation.

Yvettia Bailey, 24, Decatur, Jan. 15. Public drunkenness.

Roy Eugene Bell, 48, 45 Oaks Landing, Covington, Jan. 13. Driving while license suspended.

Mauricio Sandoval Bernal, 44, 180 Orchard Drive, Covington, Jan. 17. No driver’s license.

Michael Andrew Boze, 21, Conyers, Jan. 14. Public drunkenness.

Joseph Wade Brewer Jr., 19, 2671 Newborn Road, Mansfield, Jan. 13. Furnishing to, possession or purchase of alcohol by minor.

Nicholas Ryan Cannon, 20, Conyers, Jan. 15. Stalking.

Chemeka Keona Character, 32, Stone Mountain, Jan. 13. Contempt of court.

Darrell Allen Clark, 21, 105 Lazy Hollow Lane, Jan. 14. Driving while license suspended.

Denise Litrece Collins, 29, 10916 Wellington Ridge, Covington, Jan. 11. Theft by shoplifting.

Patrick Eugene Cox, 40, Austell, Jan. 14. Speeding, driving while license suspended.

Derek Shawn Fears, 18, 10 Hunters Ridge Drive, Covington, Jan. 12. Probation violation.

Slobodan Gales, 23, Conyers, Jan. 15. License required (surrender of), DUI.

Steven Keith Gibbs, 33, Bethlehem, Jan. 17. Driving while license suspended.

Ivanna Patrice Gibson, 23, 130 Walnut Ridge Way, Covington, Jan. 14. Driving while license suspended.

Robby Dale Griffin, 41, 10445 Highway 36, Covington, Jan. 13. Alteration of license plates, no seat belts, driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance, suspended, revoked or canceled license.

John Kevin Haney, 24, 555 North Lake Circle, Oxford, Jan. 15. Public drunkenness.

Jadarious Lemar Hardy, 20, 40 Bermuda Way, Covington, Jan. 12. Hold for Laurens County.

Latasha Nichole Harrell, 29, 55 Gum Tree Trail, Covington, Jan. 11. Speeding in school zone, no seat belts, driving while license suspended, giving false name or address.