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Newton County Jail Log - 11/8/08 - 11/8/08
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o Jeremy Stephen Bryant, 20, W, 4105 Ga. Highway 142, Newborn, Nov. 8. Furnishing to, purchase, or possession of alcohol by minor.
o Tracinda Corine Caldwell, 37, B, 35 Dayton Way, Covington, Nov. 7. False report of a crime.
o Dillon Von Clark, 17, W, 449 Jack Neely Road, Covington, Nov. 6. Simple assault, disrupting public school.
o Jimmie Clarence Coley III, 22, B, Conyers, Nov. 8. Probation violation.
o Bobby Lornzer Copeland, 35, B, Monticello, Nov. 7. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
o Terry Windell Dobbs, 42, B, Jackson, Nov. 8. Probation violation.
o Kyle McIntyre Duren, 21, W, 11103 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, Nov. 7. Expiration and renewal of licenses, no proof of insurance.
o Juron Reginald Floyd, 29, B, Monticello, Nov. 7. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
o Charles Randall Fox, 41, W, Loganville, Nov. 8. DUI.
o Leroy Cordell Freeman, 42, B, 10172 Allen Dr., Covington, Nov. 8. Driving while license suspended.
o Seniend Garland, 41, B, 250 Willow Shoals Dr, Covington, Nov. 5. Probation violation.
o Cedric Demar Gilbert, 43, B, 8103 Spillers Dr., Covington, Nov. 5. DUI, driving without headlights.
o William Leroy Glenn III, 24, B, 2431 Fairview Road, Covington, Nov. 8. Influencing witnesses.
o Christopher Albert Graves, 24, B, Stone Mountain, Nov. 5. Two counts criminal trespass.
o Shannon Lee Gregory, 38, W, 565 Forrest Road, Covington, Nov. 5. Maintaining a disorderly house, Family Violence Act battery.
o Matthew Paul Griner, 33, W, Conyers, Nov. 8. Possession of dangerous drugs, open container.
o Matthew Nicholas Hammond, 17, B, Conyers, Nov. 5. Simple battery.
o Jackie Ruth Hammonds, 51, W, 535 Anderson Road, Covington, Nov. 8. Court sentenced to 48 hours.
o Brittany Sondria Hardeman, 21, B, Shady Dale, Nov. 7. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no proof of insurance.
o Alford Shlyron Humphrey, 43, B, 6151 green Acres Dr, Covington, Nov. 5. Battery, Probation violation.
o Felicia Renee Jamerson, 26, B, 115 Thrasher Road, Covington, Nov. 5. Aggravated assault.
o Kwesi Marvin Jamerson, 25, B, 115 Thrasher Road, Covington, Nov. 5. Aggravated assault.
o Shontevia Nycote Johnson, 17, B, 90 Sunflower Lane, Covington, Nov. 7. Disorderly conduct, drinking under age.
o Travis Denorman Jones, 21, B, 4630 Ga. Highway 213, Newborn, Nov. 8. Disobeying a traffic device, possession of marijuana less than one once, fleeing or attempting to elude, open container, no tail lights, failure to signal.
o Anthony Jowers, 30, W, 895 Airport Road, Oxford, Nov. 6. Defective equipment, driving while license suspended.
o Jonathan Scott Lansburg, 22, W, 55 Millers Lane, Covington, Nov. 5. Driving while license suspended, no seat belts.
o Jason Michael McAnally, 25, W, Conyers, Nov. 9. Driving while license suspended.
o Billy Joe Medley II, 51, B, 3128 Sockwell Ave., Covington, Nov. 7. Influencing witness. 
o Billy Joe Medley III, 25, B, 3126 Sockwell Ave., Covington, Nov. 7. Deposit account fraud, terroristic threats and acts.
o Eber Onam Aguirre Mendez, 20, L, 130 Saddlebrook Dr., Covington, Nov. 9. Failure to stop, driving while license suspended.
o Lee Harris Mitchell III, 27, B, New Orleans, La., Nov. 9. Driving while license suspended.
o Linda May Moody, 61, W, 4020 Sale Road, Covington, Nov. 6. Theft by shoplifting. 
o Kelly Ann Mulroney, 29, W, 10625 Wellington Dr., Covington, Nov. 9. Theft by shoplifting.
o Michael Cornelius Nolley, 34, B, 8159 Taylor St., Covington, Nov. 9. Driving while license suspended, brake lights and turn signals.
o Michael Cortez Nolley, 20, B, 25 Green Commons Dr., Covington, Nov. 9. Court sentenced to work release.
o Melvin Eugene Price Jr., 27, Lithonia, Nov. 8. Probation violation.
o Dalibor Radovanovic, 17, W, 190 North Greenfield Circle, Covington, Nov. 6. Disrupting public school, battery, criminal trespass.
o James Russell Rainey, 26, W, 1100 Boogers Hill Road, Oxford, Nov. 8. Public drunkenness. 
o Quentin Orlando Rose, 18, B, 220 Fincher Road, Covington, Nov. 7. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, disrupting public school.
o Kati Tess Rudd, 27, W, 155 Windword Dr., Covington, Nov. 9. Contempt of court.
o Joshua Dwayne Sargent, 22, W, 45 Valley Court, Covington, Nov. 8. Public drunkenness, theft by shoplifting.
o Stephen Block Sawyer, 29, W, 140 Sockwell Road, Oxford, Nov. 5. Theft by deception, theft of services.
o Lakesa L. Smith, 33, B, 10715 Magnolia Heights Circle, Covington, Nov. 6. First degree forgery.
o Sophie Symrna Tennyson, 40, B, 80 Dovepoint Circle, Covington, Nov. 8. Three counts deposit account fraud.
o Jerediah Richard Thompson, 28, W, 165 Briar Patch Dr., Covington, Nov. 6. Theft by shoplifting.
o Micah Levar Troy, 30, B, Fayetteville, Nov. 6. Abandonment of dependent child.
o Charles Richard Whitley, 39, W, 565 Forest Road, Covington, Nov. 5. Maintaining a disorderly house, Family violence Act battery.
o Stacie Lorraine Whitley, 27, W, 565 Forest Road, Covington, Nov. 5. Maintaining a disorderly house.
o Chasity Natasha Whitt, 27, W, 180 Rivercrest Lane, Covington, Nov. 7. Theft by conversion.
o Cedrick Deon Williams, 18, B, 138 Mountain View Circle, Covington, Nov. 7. Possession, manufacture, distribution of dangerous drugs, possession of cocaine, carrying pistol without permit, no seat belts, disobeying a traffic device, possession of firearm during commission of crime.
o Tammie Jeannine Wood, 41, W, 1192 Clark St., Covington, Nov. 9. Two counts deposit account fraud. 
o Calvert Leon Wynn, 35, B, Washington, Nov. 8. First degree forgery.